True Story – The Brilliant Biopics You Need To See

Best Biopics

Hollywood writers are pretty handy when it comes to spinning a decent tale – it’s part of the job, to be fair! – but sometimes there’s no competing with reality. Only the best life stories make the big-screen (bad luck, Helen from accounts), but when they do they’re pretty often some of the most compelling viewing you’ll find.


The latest example is Colette, available to rent now on Virgin Movies from €4.99, which centres around the life and times of the mononymous French author. Featuring Keira Knightley in a performance to remind us of just what a striking screen presence she can be, it’s a powerful period drama with plenty of modern relevance.




It’s far from the only non-fiction film feast awaiting on Virgin Movies either; there’s a variety of tremendous true stories waiting for you. We’ve selected a few of the must-sees right here; you couldn’t make this stuff up…




Available to rent now on Virgin Movies from €2.99


Rupert Everett wrote, directed and starred in this telling of Oscar Wilde’s final days; reports that he also made the tea on set and did everyone’s laundry are unconfirmed. Nonetheless, it’s a passion project in every sense, and the commitment oozes from every pore in a film that’s delicately detailed and unashamedly emotional.





Available to rent now on Virgin Movies from €2.99


The sports world has no shortage of heartwarming tales, and this one is amongst the best of them; the high-school basketball coach who put exam results ahead of match results. Samuel L Jackson is his usual engaging self in the title role, in a film that combines just enough pulpy entertainment alongside its poignant message to make it a slam dunk on all fronts!





Available to rent now on Virgin Movies from €2.99


The love shared by artists Lili Elbe and Gerda Wegener provided the inspiration for the film – but it’s hard not to think of it as an acting masterclass courtesy of Alicia Vikander and Eddie Redmayne. The pair are simply spectacular, while the stunning visuals and inventive directing make for a film that, while taking liberties with the truth, is powerfully told and perfectly crafted.





Available to rent now on Virgin Movies from €2.99


Sharp, smart and straight-talking, the story of a lawyer who secured the one of the largest settlements in history is synonymous with the career of Julia Roberts; she swept the boards in award season, after all! It’s an inspiring story, which keeps a sense of humour and even a little hint of romance to deliver a watch guaranteed to please any crowd!





Available to rent now on Virgin Movies from €4.99


Unlike a lot of biopics, most viewers will already be somewhat familiar with Freddie Mercury and Queen; in many ways, that makes the achievement of this film all the more impressive! Rami Malek is unnervingly on point as the iconic frontman, while the soundtrack is just as bangin’ as you’d hope; this movie will rock you (sorry)!




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