Which Incredible Is The Most, Er, INCREDIBLE? !

The Incredibles 2

It was a long wait, but it’s finally over – the world’s most fantastic family are back in all their gifted glory! Incredibles 2 is available to rent now on Virgin Movies, from €4.99, and it delivers in all of the brilliant, bombastic, blockbuster ways we’d hoped!



The chance to get reacquainted with the Parr family brings back a debate that we’ve been having for years; which of the crew is the best of the lot? We’re eager to know which of them you’d choose, so check out the arguments for each below and cast your vote for the most incredible Incredible!



Listen, you don’t earn a name like Mr. Incredible for nothing! A mountain of a man who’s even stronger than he looks, he’s a fearsome force when fighting crime – but a gentle giant around the house! Of course, we find out he has a few weaknesses too (maths homework can beat the best of us, after all!) but if lifting trains sounds like craic, then he’s the man to do it!





The matriarch with the mostest is the star of the show in the second film – and doesn’t she deserve her chance to shine! We don’t know what’s more impressive, her super-stretchy abilities as Elastigirl or her efforts in keeping her wild family on the straight and narrow, but it seems like she can do it all! Mums have their work cut out at the best of times, after all…





Being a teenager is already tough; mixing in a bit of saving the world along the way must make for a right headache! Capable of constructing a near-indestructable force field, as well as rendering herself invisible, she’s just about the most fantastic 14-year-old we’ve ever seen; imagine what it must be like for Tony Rydinger to go on a date with someone like that!





Blessed with the ability to move at something close to the speed of sound, young Dashiell is a right handful – thank god his mum won’t let him use it on the sports field, or the other kids wouldn’t have a hope! He’s aspiring to be a career hero like his parents, and is certainly eager to show off his talents whenever he gets a chance – let’s just hope he remembers to hide them from time to time!





When it comes to range, nobody comes close to the powers the youngest of the clan can boast; shape-shifting and super-strength, teleportation and laser-vision, this lad has the lot! The only problem? Well, he hasn’t exactly mastered how to control all these abilities – meaning that when he gets worked up, there’s more than the usual tantrums to worry about!


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