Why Mandy Is A Must-Watch This Halloween

There are some horror movies that you just know will be wheeled out year after year – but they’re normally the old classics. 2018, however, has seen the arrival of a brand new milestone in the genre; gory, gonzo and undeniably great, we introduce you to Mandy…

Mandy Horror Movie


Critics and audiences alike have been blown away by the spectacular revenge thriller (which is available to rent now on Virgin Movies from €4.99). Why has it garnered such universal approval? Well, the easiest way to understand would be by watching right now – but here’s a handful of pointers to give you an idea…



Nicolas Cage has always had a reputation as being, let’s just say, a bit dramatic. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t, but his scenery-chewing tendencies are legendary. Well, the role of vigilante Red Miller has been described as the part he was born to play; it suits him to a T. Exuberant and excitable, it’s the iconic actor at his melodramatic best…



At the centre of the film is a cult that destroys an isolated, idyllic existence for Red and his wife – and the bloody fallout that follows. We’re not going to give too much away, but we can promise that karma kicks into action in a big way – sometimes, a film that promises vengeance doesn’t quite deliver, but this one does so in spades!



Director Panos Cosmatos is known for his artistic flair, and that’s evident throughout what is a visual treat of a film. Utilising rich colours and long, lingering shots, it’s a lavish and lush feast for the eyes, creating a world you can get lost in. For all that the story and performances will win praise, there’s technical mastery on show – and it’s a true smorgasbord for the senses because…



The tragically departed Jóhann Jóhannsson was responsible for some of the most memorable soundtracks of recent years; Arrival, The Theory of Everything and Sicario and many more benefitted from his superb scores. Mandy is the last film he worked on before his death in February of this year, and his synth-saturated contribution is exactly the type of intense and emotional fare for which he’ll be fondly remembered.



There’s no point in beating around the bush here; this film is bloody, blistering and utterly brutal in all of the best ways. In the finest grindhouse tradition, it’s full of stylised violence and relentless rampages, and if it doesn’t get your heart racing then a trip to your doctor should be arranged quick-sharp!


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