The New Films To Watch This July On Virgin Movies


It’s been a summer unlike any other, but it’s business as usual on Virgin Movies, with cracking new releases by the bucketload! The coming month sees another batch of brilliant arrivals – so whether you’re in the mood for a tense thriller, a delicate romantic drama, or an awesome animation that really rocks, you’re bound to find something to tickle your fancy!


So get planning your next film night; here’s what you can look forward to!



Available to rent from June 29th on Virgin Movies from €4.99


A biting satire on consumerism, this rip-roaring comedy is a send-up of consumerism and excess – with the incomparable Steve Coogan front and centre! Frequent collaborator Michael Winterbottom knows just how to get the best out of his star, while the supporting cast are no slouches either! It’s the pointed script and barbed gags that really shine, though; billionaires, look away now...




Available to rent from July 6th on Virgin Movies from €4.99


Based on a true story, this legal thriller tackles the story of a chemical corporation that contaminates a town – and the lawyer looking to stop them. Mark Ruffalo is spellbinding in the lead role, while the skilful storytelling means you’ll be gripped from word go. It’s the high stakes and harrowing atmosphere that makes this such a compelling watch; don’t expect to forget this one anytime soon!




Available to rent from July 6th on Virgin Movies from €4.99


Stuffed with heart-swelling emotion and sensitivity, this romantic drama takes aim right for your feels – and hits every last one! Issa Rae and LaKeith Stanfield share an uncommon chemistry at the heart of the story, while writer and director Stella Meghie hits the spot with a tender treatment that will have even the stoniest of viewers melting at the sheer loveliness of it all...




Available to rent from July 27th on Virgin Movies from €4.99


The high-haired, star-studded, toe-tapping original had us dancing in the aisles four years ago; now the miniature musicians are back, and ready to take on the world! With a soundtrack stuffed with singalong hits and an energy that jumps right off the screen, expect main stage scenes in the living room when these guys get going – this is one film that will really rock your world!



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