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Home Alone

The wine has been mulled, the presents have all been ripped open; but the decorations are still up and in our book it’s still officially Christmas until January 6th. So there’s still time to indulge in some Home Alone! Now, admittedly, we’re of the opinion that there’s never a bad time to watch some careless criminals get some justice at the hands of a ten-year-old, but a lot of people believe the movies are only for Christmas – spoilsports! While all three are available to rent on Virgin Movies right now, there are arguments over which of the films tops the lot – which is where we want you to weigh in. Make your voice heard by voting below…though if you fancy watching the lot of them to refresh your memory first, that’s fine too!




Available to rent now on Virgin Movies from €2.99


The original of the species! Christmas was never quite the same once we were introduced to Kevin McAllister, and all these years later it’s still not gotten old! The beloved family film – the type that no parent minds sitting through – is stuffed to the brim with slapstick entertainment and heartwarming charm, as well as the iconic efforts of Macauley Culkin as the winsome whippersnapper at the centre of it all. The masterful John Hughes isn’t short of triumphant creations, but this one was very special indeed!






Available to rent now on Virgin Movies from €2.99


Once is unfortunate, but twice just seems careless; Mr and MrsMcAllisters would really want to take a look at themselves as parents! Everyone’s favourite pint-sized protagonist returned in this super sequel – this time out of the house, and roaming the streets of the Big Apple. The Wet Bandits are present and correct once more too, as well as a whole new cast of characters; indeed, at one point Kevin gets directions from a bloke who you might recognise!






Available to rent now on Virgin Movies from €2.99


The series got a right reboot – a new kid and new baddies – but the classic cocktail of creativity, chaos and charm is still as potent as ever! A luggage mix-up – and a gift from a curmudgeonly neighbour – lands young Alex Pruitt in the crosshairs of some sinister, yet frightfully uncoordinated, criminals; turns out that plane travel has a hundred different ways of causing trouble! Hijinks, predictably enough, ensue in a film that proves the fantastic format will always be fun!


Which is your favourite Home Alone film?
Home Alone 1
Home Alone 2
Home Alone 3
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