Halloween Costume Ideas

Movie Halloween Ideas

If you’re not inclined to make an effort, Halloween can be pretty straight forward; eyes cut out of a bedsheet, and another year wearing a ghost costume is taken care of. But for those who fancy going the extra mile, Halloween isn’t just about October 31st. No; planning and preparation begin weeks in advance…


But if you’re still stuck at the starting point, racking your brains for ideas of a perfect disguise to don, then don’t despair; we’ve looked towards the world of movies for some suggestions. From the straightforward to the sensational, we’ve selected seven options to help you look the part; nailing that attitude, however, is all down to you…



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In many ways, this could scarcely be easier; suit, shades, and job’s a good ‘un. Huge and elaborate weaponry might help you to stand out too, of course – and if your evening doesn’t go perfectly, then a little pen-light to scrub the memories might come in very handy indeed!




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As above, but just wear your hair a little bit messier. Seriously, we’re thinking you might be able to attend costume parties for the rest of your life if you just make sure you have a suit to hand…




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One of the best horror movies in recent memory also had some pretty unique outfits. Red overalls and you’re most of the way to looking like your own evil doppelganger – and while the spooky voice might complete the effort, we can’t promise your fellow party guests will appreciate it!




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Not one to be knocked together at an hour’s notice, so be warned; if you fancy becoming this half-demon for an evening, you’ll have to put the work in! And don’t think you can get away without a muscle suit; no matter what weights you’ve been doing in the gym, they’re not enough to make you Anung Un Rama!




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While the finest silks and satins will be required if you fancy being the title character – or Jasmine, for that matter – an almighty tub of blue facepaint will be all you need to become the genie! Fair warning, though; we imagine that stuff gets everywhere…




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It wasn’t just in his wild-man antics that the American player caught the eye; from the curly mop to the stylish retro sportswear, it’s a look as distinctive as they come. Just remember to pack a few throat drops as you head out; you’ll spend most of the night shouting if you really want to pull this one off!




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Nothing makes a bigger splash on Halloween than the group costume – and this is surely the ultimate when it comes to big-screen character collectives! There’s loads to go around, too, so you’d best hop on the phone and get everyone involved; you’ll need all hands on deck in case Thanos gatecrashes proceedings…



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