Five Top Reasons Why Anne Hathaway's The Witches Is Pure Magic

Anne Hathaway: The Witches

Whether you’re aged 7 or 70, there’s a pretty high likelihood that, at one point or another, you’ve been charmed by the stories of Roald Dahl. From book to screen, and even stage, his timeless tales are proven winners – and the collection of classics has a new addition to the library!



Starring Anne Hathaway in the role of a lifetime, Roald Dahl’s The Witches is available to rent from December 28th on Virgin Movies from €5.99, and sees the much-loved adventure flying into the 21st century – and we’re not afraid to admit it’s cast a spell on us! So gather round the cauldron as we take a peek at why it’s a film to feast your eyes on this holiday season!




Fair warning to anybody expecting cuddly, soft-served fare – you might be looking in the wrong place! With Robert Zemeckis in the director’s chair, and the darkest recesses of the original story delved into with glee, this is a delightfully dread-filled effort; the sort that even gives adults a thing or two to think about before they turn out the light! For a family-sized scare, this one certainly delivers…




Unsurprisingly, the Grand High Witch – the scariest, witchiest of them all – is the centre of attention in the story; fittingly, Anne Hathaway delivers the type of performance that you simply can’t turn away from! Joyously chewing the scenery throughout, the star of the show dives headlong into a melodramatic masterclass that’s nothing short of bewitching (sorry)!





Say what you want about the ever-present special effects that movies are filled with these days; when it comes to creating something literally out of this world, there’s nothing quite like the power of modern technology. That’s certainly the case here; the adventure simply explodes from the screen right from the beginning, dragging you into its magical world – and trust us when we say you won’t be able to resist!




Ironically enough for a film that leans on the finest in 21st century technology to come to life, it’s the setting in 1960s Alabama that provides the greatest change from what we’ve known before. Introducing a whole new dynamic to proceedings, it’s a very deliberate move from Zemickis and his co-writers Kenya Barris, Guillermo del Toro (yeah, some pals to have alongside, right?!), with plenty to ponder for those who fancy a deeper dive…





Let’s be totally honest here; when it comes to films that have the power to enchant everyone from grandkids to grandparents – well, they don’t come along everyday! That’s perhaps the biggest reason that this film deserves to be cherished; whether you’re reliving your youth or discovering the genius of Dahl for the first time, this one’s got something for everyone – and at Christmastime, that’s a trick usually reserved for Santa!


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