All Aboard The Movie Express – Films To Fill Your Christmas Countdown!

The Polar Express

Macauley Culkin screaming, Tom Hanks shape-shifting, and Santa stacking it from the roof; no, it’s not a fever dream, it’s a line-up of the finest festive films around! Yes, it’s the time of year where all we want are mince pies and magnificent family movies – and while we can’t sort you with the first part, we can definitely take care of the second!


The new issue of PLAY Magazine includes a slate of seasonal treats to get you on track for the coolest of Yules; check out the list right here – or get a sneak peak below…



Available to rent now on Virgin Movies from €2.99


As a young boy begins to doubt his belief in Santa, he’s whisked off on a dreamlike train journey to the North Pole. Starring Tom Hanks as a host of beloved characters, this one’s charming, magical and beautifully animated. Cuddle up and join the adventure!



All films available to rent now on Virgin Movies from €2.99


This is one family favourite that’s dear to our hearts. The first instalment landed on our screens way back in 1994 – yep, that makes us feel seriously old too! Starring Tim Allen, this is a fantastically funny ode to believing in the jolly man in red. Believing is seeing, but don’t just believe in this one – grab your remote and join in the fun!



All films available to rent now on Virgin Movies from €2.99


This holiday phenomenon is hard to beat! Kevin McAllister is accidentally left home by his dysfunctional family as they head off on vacation, and it’s a childhood fantasy come true – that is until he has to defend his home from two pretty inept burglars! There’s lessons learned, plenty of laughs and some one-liners you’ll find hard to forget, and that’s without even mentioning movies two and three!


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