All things clowns! 

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For some, they’re a source of great joy; for others, a decidedly creepy terror. But whether they fill your heart with happiness or fill you with dread, there’s no denying that from oversized shoes to fake flowers shooting water in your face, there’s something about clowns that really is iconic.


Screenwriters are well aware of that, too – hence why big wigs and crammed cars have graced our screens on so many occasions over the years! There’s been quite a range, though – from the sublime to the ridiculous. Check out some of the most memorable merrymakers from the movies and shows we love – starting with one that definitely wouldn’t put a smile on your face!



IT: Chapter Two, available to rent from January 13th on Virgin Movies from €5.99


Trivia fans might already know that coulraphobia is the word for a fear of clowns. You don’t need a diagnosis, however, to understand that this is one charater to send shivers down your spine! He might dance, but there’s nothing at all about this fella to make him suitable for parties – although if you’re looking for a scare, the second instalment of this seminal horror franchise will take some beating!




The Simpsons, daily on Sky One, Virgin TV 114


An avowed fan of the komedy K – at least until his Komedy Klassic caused unintentinal controversy! – is the man previously known as Herschel Krustofsky. In many ways, he’s the ultimate performer; his life isn’t exactly a box of chocolates, and when the audience isn’t looking he’s a different guy – but for as long as the spotlight is shining, then the show must go on!



Poltergeist, available to rent now on Virgin Movies from €2.99


Evil doesn’t need names – and these creepy creatures are proof! Ta long-running history of scary dolls and scary clowns, so there’s little surprise that marrying the two would result in something truly unnerving; if we’re honest, it probably shouldn’t have required GPS devices and monitoring equipment to figure it out for the Bowens’, either!




Modern Family, soon returning to Sky One, Virgin TV 114


A reminder that the good old fashioned children’s entertainer can still exist, Cam’s alter-ego is a hit at children’s parties, and a right hoot – even if Phil might take some convincing! Of course, it all makes a little more sense when you realise that Eric Stonestreet was, in fact, an aspiring clown before his acting days – and the outfit seen in the show is his own!



The Dark Knight, available to rent now on Virgin Movies from €2.99


While Joaquin Phoenix’s take has everyone talking recently, and the comic-book creation has been on screens since the 1960s – there’s a special place in cinema history for Heath Ledger’s take on the Clown Prince of Crime. Weird, wild and wicked through and through, his incredible performance was one of the last of his tragically short career – but one we’ll remember forever!



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