El Camino: A Breaking Bad Movie, And Four More Shows That Need The Movie Treatment

Breaking Bad El Camino

Its five-year run was one of the most celebrated in TV history – so little wonder there was so much buzz when the world of Breaking Bad returned with El Camino, a movie sequel to the stunning series, available now on Netflix (Virgin TV 999).



And while having Jesse Pinkman – and plenty more of the gang, too – back on our screens is cause for celebration, we’re never completely satisfied, which is why we’ve got to thinking about other shows that could do with a revisit. Some ended too soon, and others we just couldn’t possibly get enough of; one way or another, this lot would be more than welcomed back on the box anytime they fancy!



Available now on Netflix, Virgin TV 999


Of all the reunions in all of television, this is surely the most frequently discussed. The super six are still in our hearts more than 15 years after the final episode aired (yes, we feel old thinking about that too!), and the thirst to enjoy one last cuppa in Central Perk is real. At the thoughts of a feature-length return; could we BE any more excited?!




Seasons 1-4 available now on Virgin Box Sets


Fashion moves fast, which means that the nine years since we said adios to Ms Suarez feels like a lifetime. There haven’t been many characters to share the impact of America Ferrara’s brace-wearing hero in the interim either, meaning we’d be overjoyed if the chance came to throw on the gladrags and head down the runway one more time!




Available now on Netflix, Virgin TV 999


Some people felt the climax of the deliciously retro drama was perfect; others felt let down by Don Draper’s final goodbyes. One thing to unite just about everybody, however, is the notion of dropping back into the 1970s to see how Don, Pete, Roger and the rest of the Madison Avenue lot are coping with flares and free love everywhere they look; just try to tell us you wouldn’t watch that!




Seasons 19-22 available now on Virgin Box Sets


Yes, the show is still going strong; we’re well aware of that. But the fact remains that when the Colorado crew went feature-length before, it was an unadulterated success. Not many shows can make the leap with such extraordinary style, so it makes sense that we’d love to see it again; and if they can repeat the clutch of terrific tunes they brought with them that time, then all the better!



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