AJ Pritchard Gives His Take On Memorable Dance Scenes From The Movies

La La Land

We all love shaking a leg from time to time – but few of us are quite as qualified as AJ Pritchard! The Strictly Come Dancing professional is a phenomenon on the floor, so when he popped by the brand new Virgin Media store in Donaghmede recently, we wanted to pick his brains. See, we all love a good dance scene in the movies – but how do they look to a bonafide expert? We picked out three of our favourite big-screen boogies, and asked AJ to run the rule over the cinematic steppers...




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“I absolutely love this scene, just because it’s so stylised. If you were to do this on Strictly, everyone would know it and there’d be no questions; if you’ve seen the film, and you saw it recreated, you’d spot it straight away. John Travolta, too – when you think about some of his other movies, he’s got some iconic moves that are going to be around forever!”




Available to rent now on Virgin Movies from €2.99



“As a dancer, I thought it was really great to see that theatre-style dance being brought to the movie screen; it made more people want to go watch live shows. There’s some clever little bits of choreography in it – I’ve even used things from it in my stuff. I thought Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone, for two actors who aren’t really dancers, were brilliant in it. And it doesn’t hurt that the movie is fantastic…”




Available to rent now on Virgin Movies from €2.99



“OK – for me, this is the essence of everything; the original, the one. This is it; bringing it together, and the reactions of people laughing… Listen, when you’re teaching someone you don’t want to laugh, you only want them to improve – but there’s little enough you can do when the way they’re moving is hilarious! What do you do with your hands? It’s hard, really; I always think of pushing water away. Air is too light, there’s got to be a bit of strength there…”



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