Imposter Syndrome – The Con Artists We Can’t Help But Love

Melissa McCarthy

In the world of entertainment, it’s often the case that things aren’t exactly as they seem – but some characters really take that to extremes! And, while our parents always taught us that lying wasn’t right, we can’t help but be charmed by some of the on-screen con artists we’ve got to know over the years.


A perfect example, in fact, has just arrived on Virgin Movies, available to rent now from €4.99. Can You Ever Forgive Me is inspired by a true story, and stars Melissa McCarthy as a down-on-her-luck writer who decides to forge correspondences to make ends meet. What transpires is a phenomenal film full of heartache, darkly comic moments, and stunning performances – not least from the leading lady and supporting man Richard E. Grant.




It also got us thinking about a few more imposters who’ve won our hearts over the years; read on for a few more characters who managed to fake it until they made it!




Catch Me If You Can, available to rent now on Virgin Movies from €2.99


Some kids dream of being a pilot. Others, perhaps a teacher. Or, indeed, a doctor, or a lawyer. It takes someone special to do the lot – and this guy (kinda) managed it! Based on the incredible true story of a career con-man turned FBI investigator, it’s a brilliantly funny and fresh film; the fact that the truly inimitable Leonardo DiCaprio stars in the lead role doesn’t hurt…






21, available now on Netflix, Virgin TV 999


Beating the house is a victimless crime in some people’s book – so we’re hardly surprised that the card sharks of MIT got us on side in double-quick time! A film that perfectly captures the high-stakes thrill of the betting table, it was enough to cause casinos concern that copycats could learn too much from the movie – but even if it never helps you in a game of blackjack, this tricky teacher and his crew are still triumphant!





Ocean’s 8, now showing on Sky Cinema, Virgin TV 300


Talk about running in the family! We hadn’t met Danny’s younger sister until recently, but it turns out she’s every bit as smart and sneaky as her bro – and this hilarious heist movie proves it! The all-female cast might have captured early headlines, but from the sumptuous visuals to the slick script, there’s no shortage of things to like!





Revenge, Seasons 1-4 available now on Virgin Box Sets


We might as well start at the beginning; she’s not even Emily Thorne. Mind, between the meticulously crafted back-story, the perfect fake I.D. papers, and the disarming personality, you’d have some chance in finding that out! This delicious drama is soaked with style, but Emily’s devious plan is plenty of substance to make this your next binge-watch for the weeks ahead!