What Makes Tenet A Triumph - Coming to Virgin Movies January 4th

John Washington: Tenet

There are talked-about movies, and then there’s Tenet. As the world was turned upside down, the latest blockbuster from Christopher Nolan waited patiently in the wings, going from a much-anticipated release to focal point of the entire entertainment industry. No pressure, then!



The film, available to rent from January 4th on Virgin Movies from €5.99, didn’t just meet the challenge; no, it passed with flying colours. Furthering Nolan’s reputation for taking blockbuster movie-making to a whole new level, it’s a cinematic delight – and the perfect way to kick off your New Year’s viewing in style!


If you fancy tickling your tastebuds before watching, you can check out our interview with Kenneth Branagh in the latest issue of PLAY Magazine – and read on for a handful of ways in which the film’s a real winner…




Ask any film maker, and they’ll probably tell you how important it is to get the cast right; well, they knocked it out of the park on this one! Whether it’s John David Washington in a star-making turn as the all-action hero, Robert Pattinson as a delightfully louche operative, or Kenneth Branagh in arresting form as the villain of the piece, Tenet boasts standout performances everywhere you look. The stars shine brightly in this one!




While nobody’s suggesting that special effects are a bad thing – just think of how many of your favourite movies would look a lot different without them! – there’s a lot to be said for massive stunts being done IRL. Well, from explosive set-pieces to hard-hitting fight scenes, if Tenet all feels a little more real, then that’s probably because it is. Not only was no expense spared in bringing these pivotal scenes to life, but the unique circumstances make them even more remarkable – though more on that later...




As pleasing as it is to watch, there’s even more to enjoy than that; from Ludwig Göransson’s epic score to the almost overwhelming sound editing, Tenet is a visceral experience for both eyes and ears. Direct and powerful from the get go, it’s little wonder that viewers end up drawn into the film’s world when the whole thing envelopes you from the very moment you hit play!




We’re going to be very careful here, don’t worry, but by now the world and its mother knows the film has a time-travel element to it. The specifics of the plot device, we won’t reveal; but suffice to say that it’s a twist to rank amongst the most enjoyable in recent memory – not least because we get to live it out for a little while, too. Even if you’ve heard about it somewhere already, you’ll be stunned at how compelling it is to watch – even the second time around!




There’s no two ways of saying it; they don’t make entertainment like this every day. Binge watch box-sets and tune into the telly as much as you like, but you’ll have to search far and wide to find a jaw-dropping spectacle like this anytime soon! There are few directors on the planet that can hold a candle to Christopher Nolan, and even fewer films that match the epic scale and ambition of this one; get comfy and enjoy an experience that only the biggest and best films can deliver…


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