Plan Your Christmas Day Film Fix On Telly 

Finding Dory

If you’re much like us, then Christmas dinner has been mapped out for weeks; from the all important turkey and stuffing to the little extras that make it all come together – cranberry sauce, we salute you! But there’s a chance you’ve overlooked something; the telly menu for December 25th, and more precisely how you’ll get your fill of classic film on Christmas Day!


Well, don’t fear; we’ve combed the schedules for the finest options of the day. Check out your choices below, and plan a morning, noon and night of magnificent movies – sure, it wouldn’t be Christmas without it!



8.30am, RTÉ 1, Virgin TV 101


Get your day of to a magical start with Roald Dahl’s little genius. A delightful combination of comedy and fantasy, it’s just the type of light-hearted loveliness that Christmas Day is all about – and the timeless story means first-time viewers are sure to be wowed too!




10.40am, Channel 4, Virgin TV 111


Our dreams of a white Christmas might be just that, but you can guarantee your taste of the white stuff by stepping back in time with these furry friends! With plenty of wit – and a generous dash of wisdom – along with a stellar voice cast, it’s one sure to warm the heart…no matter how cold it is outside!




3.10pm, BBC One, Virgin TV 108


They say you shouldn’t swim right after eating – but whether you’ve had your lunch or not, this is one to dive into! Nemo’s best bud is the star of the show, of course, but the carefully crafted story and smart lessons it teaches will make their mark too…




4.45pm, Virgin Media One, Virgin TV 103


Once you’ve polished off the grub, head off to see the Wizard with this iconic slice of Hollywood gold. The songs and the story are as powerful today as they were 80 years ago; there’s a reason why it’s still in the discussion whenever the greatest movies of all-time are up for debate!




8.05pm, RTÉ 2, Virgin TV 102


If the tryptophan is starting to kick in, you might need an adrenaline boost; look no futher, then, than this dino-mite caper! Chris Pratt is the action man at the heart of it all – along with, obviously enough, all manner of prehistoric creatures – while awesome visuals and spectacular set-pieces make it the perfect popcorn flick…if you’ve still got room, that is!



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