Why Bohemian Rhapsody Is A Must-Watch

Bohemian Rhapsody

It’s one of the most talked about films of the past year – especially throughout award season, which saw it grab a glut of gongs. Now, it’s arriving on Virgin Movies – and we’re going (radio) ga ga for Bohemian Rhapsody!


The biopic of Freddie Mercury and Queen is available to rent on Virgin Movies from March 4th from €4.99, and is quite simply unmissable. Why? Well, we’re glad you asked! We’ve pulled together some of the reasons to make sure you catch the musical masterpiece…




Freddie Mercury was iconic; an unmistakable figure in the world of rock’n’roll. It says something, then, that from his mannerisms and movements to his every utterance, Rami Malek has managed to pretty much become the legendary frontman. At times, it’s hard to believe you’re not watching the real thing; Malek’s performance really will rock you…





A centrepiece of the film is the recreation of live gigs, with the massive Live Aid appointment at Wembley Stadium the main event. Those performances are so comprehensively nailed that their prominence is a no-brainer; indeed, you have to imagine that having Brian May and Roger Taylor involved as consultants on the set meant that every chord, step and note was pitch-perfect!





Before he became Freddie, he was just Farrokh Bulsara, a baggage handler at Heathrow Airport. The band, of whom he was not yet a member, were called Smile. Yes, it’s a long way from the glory days when this story starts – and the fact that the movie pays deserved attention to those humble beginnings makes the journey all the more enjoyable. In fact…





Queen weren’t a band without their struggles, but don’t expect to see the warts-and-all story here. Instead, it’s a film that points towards the positives – and who could complain about that! It’s also a movie that younger viewers can enjoy, so there could be quite a few sitting-on-grandpa’s-knee chats about classic rock once the credits have rolled!





Spoiler alert: Queen had some belting tunes. OK, so we probably didn’t need to throw a spoiler alert in there, did we?! But the fact that soundtrack leaves others biting the dust is just part of what makes the musical material here unmissable. It’s also the fact that the creation of some of their finest work is celebrated – including, of course, the miracle that is the title track. All that remains to be asked – can you do the fandango?!




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