The Casting Decisions We Never Saw Coming

most unexpected casting decisions

Hollywood insiders are always telling us that finding the right cast is the secret to a successful project – and who are we to argue?! From picking the perfect protagonist to finding a suitable vicious villain, getting the right ensemble is essential – but that doesn’t mean it always follows the same path. Oh, no; we’ve seen a few shocks along the way too!


From unlikely heroes to uncharacteristic turns, some of our favourite films and shows have featured decisions that left us scratching our heads – until we saw the finished product, at least! In the latest issue of PLAY Magazine, we took a look at a few of the ultimate examples of calls that caught us by surprise. A teaser of what we selected, you say? Well, we thought you’d never ask…



Ted, available to rent now on Virgin Movies from €2.99


The man once known as Marky Mark is a legitimate tough guy – not someone who’d need a teddy to sleep through a thunderstorm! Still, how adorable was he in this role – we might have been surprised, but it was a very pleasant one!




Elementary, Tuesdays @ 9pm, Sky Witness, Virgin TV 124


Despite existing as a character for more than a century, we saw Sherlock Holmes’ assistant in a whole new light when this procedural made its bow. It brought the character to a very different place – and a wholly positive one at that!



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