An Irish Celebration – The Homegrown Hits To Catch On Virgin Media Television

Best Movis From Ireland

To celebrate the Virgin Media Dublin International Film Festival, some of the finest films to emanate from the Emerald Isle will air on Virgin Media Three (Virgin TV 106) next week. Across eight nights of excellence, you’ll find everything from gritty action to delicate drama and heartwarming romance to side-splitting comedy; basically, just about anything that might tickle your fancy!


From Saturday February 16th, our cinematic stars take centre stage, so clear your schedule and prepare for a feast of phenomenal Irish film! There’s even a sensational short following each movie, if your appetite still isn’t sated. And if, for some reason, you’re going to be busy, then set your box to record; these are movies you won’t want to miss… 




Saturday 16th @ 9pm


The story of a Dublin drug war broke box-office records on release; with John Connors compelling in the lead role, it’s a crime flick made with unwavering confidence and unnerving realism.




Sunday 17th @ 10.05pm


While an all-star cast including Minnie Driver, Chris O’Donnell and Colin Firth was recruited from overseas, Maeve Binchy’s nostalgic tale of 1950s romance is still as enchantingly Irish as it gets!




Monday 18th @ 9pm


Taking its lead from Diarmuid and Grainne, the folk legend is reimagined as a dive into the criminal underworld. A brilliant cast – Liam Cunningham, Ruth Bradley and Brendan Gleeson to name just three – and a breathtaking pace makes this a thrilling watch.




Tuesday 19th @ 9pm


A colourful coming-of-age story follows the journey of a 16-year-old setting out to find her long-lost father. Evanna Lynch is engaging as the titular tourist, and the story is warm, wise and witty; in short, wonderful!




Wednesday 20th @ 9pm


Marian Keyes has long been a whizz at weaving a heartwarming story, and this one is primed for a gigglesome girls’-night-in! Love, loss, and love all over again, it’s a reminder of why we all love a good rom-com!




Thursday 21st @ 9pm


An unlikely friendship – and even less likely romance – forms the heart of this intense meditation on loss and redemption. Rachel Griffith and Michael McElhatton are excellent, but Barry Keoghan steals the show…as usual, says you!




Friday 22nd @ 9pm


A freewheeling comedy caper following a trio of chancers who turn to four-legged friends in an effort to escape a financial hole. Foul-mouthed and funny, it’s the sort of romp that you’d be barking mad to miss out on!




Saturday 23rd @ 9pm


When the thought of going solo to a wedding is too much to bear, a Drogheda woman is thrown into a whirlwind of romance and revelation. Seana Kerslake is a magnetic presence, in a movie that joyfully breaks the usual rules at every turn!



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