Girls Just Wanna Have Fun

All-female movie casts

Jennifer Lopez leads the way in Hustlers, one of the surprise toasts of the past 12 months – which is currently strutting its way right towards Virgin Movies! Available to rent from January 20th from €4.99, it’s a black crime comedy drama about a group of strippers who decide to make a few extra bob – with explosive results!



It’s another Hollywood hit feature an all-female ensemble – and another reminder how that can be quite the recipe for success! After all, it’s not the only time we’ve seen it work a treat…



Available to rent now on Virgin Movies from €2.99


The 1980s classic got one almighty makeover when Melissa McCarthy, Kristen Wiig, Kate McKinnon and Leslie Jones grabbed the proton packs and started grabbing ghouls left, right and centre! Fabulously fun and wonderfully witty, it’s not the type of film to take itself too seriously – and, frankly, that’s exactly what makes a superb supernatural comedy work!



Now showing on Sky Cinema, Virgin TV 301


Cleverly written and dripping with style – which is exactly what you’d expect when Gillian Flynn and Steve McQueen are the creative forces behind the camera! – this heist thriller follows four women out to finish what their husbands started. There’s both madness and a message to be found in this one – as well as a show-stealing performance from Viola Davis.



Available to rent now on Virgin Movies from €2.99


Not for the faint of heart, this rude and crude comedy pushes the boundaries to brilliant effect – from fabulous physical performances to whip-sharp barbs! A sterling cast including Tiffany Haddish, Regina Hall and the inimitable Queen Latifah are in their element in this messy, merry and magnificent comedy; just make sure the kids are in bed before popping it on…



Available to rent now on Virgin Movies from €2.99


Much as our man Chris O’Dowd might have tried, there was no stealing the spotlight from the side-splitting sisters at the heart of this wonderful wedding comedy. Featuring a who’s who of Tinseltown funnywomen, and taking its lead from a generation of gross-out comedies previously the territory of the boys’ club, it set (and lowered!) the tone for loads more movies to come…