Laugh Away Those Bank Holiday Blues

Ant Man

Ah, the long weekend. An extra 24 hours of craic is something we could never complain about...though boy, Tuesday just becomes all the harder as a result! So if you’ve found yourself suffering from a case of the Bank Holiday blues, fear not; you’ve only got four days to make it through, and we’ve got four fantastically funny friends willing to lend a hand. So curl up on the couch and get ready to giggle - your laugh-filled lifesavers are right here!




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This comedy drama is the type of cheery and chucklesome fare that would melt a heart of stone! A crime movie it may be, but there’s nothing dark about Robert Redford’s final big-screen outing; a smart, sharp and sometimes sensitive story of a career criminal who’d need a bank vault of his own to keep his immeasurable amounts of charm! Just like the thief keeps on robbing banks, you’ll find yourself unable to resist going back for more…





Now showing on Sky Cinema Premiere, Virgin TV 320


A gloriously goofball superhero caper, this sequel sees Paul Rudd once again don the spandex as the (occasionally) pint-sized protagonist. Joined once again by Evangeline Lilly - she being the Wasp, of course - and traversing his way through powerful action scenes and even more powerful punchlines, it makes for the sort of movie that winning, whimsical comic-book creations were invented for!





Available now on Netflix, Virgin TV 999


A spanking new family-friendly sitcom led by Melissa Joan Hart (which is quite the blast from the past for those who’ve just finished watching the new Sabrina series), it focuses on a family whose lives are turned upside-down with the arrival of a teenaged street-smart hustler named Nicola. Witty and warm in equal measure, it’s a delightful take on the fish-out-of-water trope - and with the whole season landing in one fell swoop, it’s a prime candidate for a post Bank Holiday binge!





Thursday @ 7.30, E4, Virgin TV 112


If you haven’t heard about this one, then prepare yourself for a show like few others. Centred on a family raising a child with cerebral palsy, it combines the serious and the silly to create a sitcom that’s been met with massive acclaim. Minnie Driver is excellent as the matriarch, while the writing is a triumph; with a combination of emotion and hilarity, it’s a special series to treasure.





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