Strap In And Hold On – Angel Has Fallen Is Coming! 

Angel Has Fallen Movie

It’s an explosive thriller guaranteed to turn a winter night into a white-hot action-packed event; we’re bracing ourselves for the arrival of Angel Has Fallen! The latest in the scintillating series sees Gerard Butler and Morgan Freeman return for another wild ride – and it’s available to rent from December 16th on Virgin Movies from €4.99!



We figured it made most sense to find out more straight from the stars themselves – and iit turns out there was someone just as excited to see the saga return! “I was really excited to come back to the Fallen series,” enthused Gerard Butler, resuming the role of Secret Service Agent Mike Banning. “I was especially excited to do something fresh with the character and take things in a different direction. Mike Banning is known for his badassery, but also his humanity—and now we get to see a lot more of where he comes from.



What’s great is that while this movie gets much more personal, there’s also more action than ever, so the ride is heightened on all levels. There’s brutal, crazy, epic combat—but in the same breath, there’s real drama and I think it’s also the funniest of the films.” For Morgan Freeman, meanwhile, there was another treat within the script; scenes which he and his co-star would actually share! “This is actually the first time Gerry and I have really worked together like this,” he noted. “In the other films, I’ve been in a safe bunker somewhere, or in DC while he was in London. Finally, we were able to work mano a mano, which was a true pleasure for me.”



And as you might well, expect, the man who had the pleasure of sitting in the director’s chair, Ric Roman Waugh, was pretty chuffed with proceedings. “I’m a big fan of what this franchise has already done,” he said, “so it’s been a huge honor to be part of taking it somewhere new, to give it a new depth for the fans and a new spin so that folks coming to the franchise for the first time can jump right into it. We put in all the fun and thrills you’d expect from a Mike Banning story, but I hope you also take away something more.”


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