Aladdin Remake

Aladdin Remake

Genies, flying carpets, and a dash of romance too – there’s good reason why so many of us fell in love with the Disney classic Aladdin. And if the mere mention of ‘A Whole New World’ is enough to get you nostalgic, then prepare to be swept off your feet all over again by the reboot!



Available to rent now on Virgin Movies from €4.99, you can expect brand new unbelievable sights and indescribable feelings – and if you’re not yet convinced you need to dive in, we’ve pulled together a few more magical reasons to pop it on your watchlist…




While we’ve always loved awesome animations, there’s something even more breathtaking about seeing live-action films reach magical levels. Perhaps it’s the technology we have to thank – or the direction of Guy Ritchie, of all people! – but Disney’s live-action remakes have hit the gold standard here.





Know the original numbers note-for-note? Well, get ready to start studying – there’s a few new touches to wrap your ears around! While most of the old favourites are present and correct, there’s a new solo for Jasmine – the beautiful ‘Speechless’ – as well as reworked classics suited to some of the other changes in the film. The other changes, you ask? Well…





One of the film’s most exciting changes is the addition of Dalia, a handmaiden for our princess; played by Nasim Pedrad, she’s a delightful bonus to an already excellent cast of characters. And while you might think you know the villainous Jafar, this reboot goes right into his backstory, shedding light on a tale not told in the original…





Given that he’s now just about the biggest star in Tinseltown, it’s easy to forget how Will Smith first won our hearts; hip-hop and hilarity. Both are in plentiful supply here, though, and it’s quite the success story; while Robin Williams’ take on the blue bottle-dweller was unforgettable, the Fresh Prince himself delivers his own unique turn that will live long in the memory too!





Films that can truly capture the heart of young and old aren’t as common as you might think – which makes a movie that’s primed to please parents and kids worth its weight in gold! It’s been a family favourite before, and the recipe is just as perfect this time around; a spectacular singalong to charm young and old, your next family movie night is a no-brainer!



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