Why You’d Be Barking Mad To Miss Isle Of Dogs




One of the most unmissable movies of the year has arrived on Virgin Movies – Isle of Dogs is now available to rent from €4.99! Telling the story of a boy (and his furry friend!) whose trip to find a land of exiled animals gives him more than he can bargain for, the Disney epic is a charming animation that everybody should watch; if you need convincing, we’ve gathered a handful of the reasons it’s must-see viewing…







Wes Anderson has always been a fan of creating striking visuals – and it turns out that even the switch from live-action to stop-motion doesn’t throw him off his game! If anything, the freedom to concoct a truly fantastical story allows for even more breathtaking sights than we’re normally treated to; with dazzling design and cracking colour, as well as impressive detail, don’t be surprised if you find yourself drawn closer to the screen as it unfolds!





The aforementioned Anderson is known for his droll humour, contagious sense of fun and a fondness for throwing a curveball or three at viewers. Few should be surprised, then, that the unlikely twists and turns in this film – such as how some ill pets lead to the discovery of a deep-lying political conspiracy! – are full of the sort of wit, whimsy and downright weirdness that the director has become renowned for!





In any adventure movie, the key is having a hero we can all get behind. Well, casting man’s best friend as the focal point of the film is most definitely one way of doing this! Whether you live for puppers and doggos or not, we guarantee you’ll fall for the hirsute heroes in no time. Atari’s quest to be reunited with his pal – and everything else that unfolds thereafter – is a story you’ll be invested in, and you’ll be howling, squealing and barking with the best of them!





Often, animated movies are only as good as the vocal talent that bring them to life; on that front, Isle of Dogs leaves no stone unturned in putting together a cast that can only be described as star-studded. Bryan Cranston, Bill Murray, Scarlett Johansson, Ed Norton and Tilda Swinton are just a handful of the luminaries involved – and even though the role of Atari falls to adolescent debutant Koyu Rankin, even he puts in a turn that could convince you he’s one of Tinseltown’s finest!




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