Eight On Demand Films To Make It A November To Remember



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The evenings are getting shorter, and nights colder – to some that sounds like bad news, but to us, that’s all the more reason to transform the sitting room to a cinema and screen some of the best new films around! And, as luck would have it, there’s a raft of outstanding titles arriving On Demand this month…




Available to rent On Demand from €4.99, from October 6


The little yella fellas are back – along with Felonious Gru and co. – for one final romp. A child actor-turned-supervillain named Balthazar Bratt (voiced by South Park supremo Trey Parker) provides the opposition on their mission, as the same warm-hearted hilarity and heroic action that we’ve come to expect is once again delivered in spades!




Available to rent On Demand from €4.99, from October 13


Moving up a gear from the previous instalments, the automotive adventure roars back onto screens in simply stunning style. The dazzling animation is still very much present and correct, but a previously unseen pinch of poignancy helps produce a film as emotionally engaging as it is visually and aurally thrilling.




Available to rent On Demand from €4.99, from October 13


A music-obsessed getaway driver takes centre stage in Edgar Wright’s unfeasibly cool crime caper. It’s as high-octane as one could ever hope – with a dash of romance thrown in for good measure! – as a script, every bit as sharp as Baby’s cornering and a stomping soundtrack ensure a smooth ride all the way to the finish.




Available to rent On Demand from €4.99, from October 17


A documentary examining the looming extinction of African wildlife due to the big-money hunting industry doesn’t sound like a great night in, but this thought-provoking film is an intelligent and inspired exploration of a complex issue. Balanced and unflinching, it’s guaranteed to provide food for thought whatever your view…




Available to rent On Demand from €4.99, from October 20


Widely acclaimed as the best Spidey show of the lot – and that bar has been set pretty high, we feel! – the latest adventure in the Marvel Universe sees a full reboot of our friendly neighbourhood favourite. Tom Holland is superb as he attempts to balance schooling and superhero duties, while thrilling action sequences and a cracking sense of humour combine wonderfully.




Available to rent On Demand from €4.99, from October 20


Having taken mixed martial arts and boxing by storm, it was only a matter of time before Hollywood was in his crosshairs; sure enough, this excellent feature-length documentary is a pretty outstanding first swing at screen stardom. Fans will obviously enjoy the look behind the scenes at his UFC success – but it’s the insight into his journey from a Dublin bedsit and small-time bouts in Ireland that proves most rewarding.




Available to rent On Demand from €4.99, from October 20


Sofia Coppola’s award-winner follows the drama when an injured American Civil War soldier is taken in by the sheltered women of a southern boarding school. Played by our own Colin Farrell, the new arrival sparks romantic rivalries (predictably enough, right?!) and a dangerous series of events; co-stars Nicole Kidman and Kirsten Dunst also play an impressive part in an atmospheric and absorbing thriller.




Available to rent On Demand from €4.99, from October 20


With incredible special effects and a powerful story, the trilogy is concluded in quite spectacular style. Caesar and the rest of the primate party face another bloody conflict – one with a subversive and utterly spellbinding climax – in a flick that is epic in every sense. Brisk, brutal and brilliant, this is blockbuster filmmaking at its finest.



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