Seven Heaven – The Movies You Can’t Miss On Virgin Media This Month

Best Movies December 2018

You’re undoubtedly expecting presents towards the end of the month – but allow Virgin Movies to deliver Christmas a little early! We’ve got a sleigh-full of massive movies ready for you to enjoy throughout December, so clear some time in-between the gift-wrapping, chocolate guzzling and carol singing to check out these fantastic films…



Available to rent on Virgin Movies from December 3rd from €4.99


It’s one of the finest action franchises the world has ever known – so when critics reckon this might just be a new high-point for the series, it’s really saying something! Tom Cruise might not have too many opportunities to flash the pearly whites during his efforts to prevent nuclear weapons from falling into the wrong hands, but from chases and gunfights to some nailbiting mental warfare there’s more than enough to get even the coolest viewer hot under the collar!





Available to rent on Virgin Movies from December 3rd from €4.99


A much-loved novel gets the big-screen treatment, as the story of teenagers with unusual powers comes to life. A healthy dose of action is predictable, but the film’s real weapon is in its emotional side – not least when matters reach an altogether bittersweet conclusion. Credit is also due to the young cast, who ably hold their own as the complexities of the tale unfold. For those searching for the same buzz as the Hunger Games delivered, this one’s your answer…





Available to rent on Virgin Movies from December 3rd from €4.99


Drac’s Pack are off on their holliers in the third instalment of the charming series – and if you’ve seen the previous instalments, you know you’re in for a treat! For the unfamiliar, there’s rapid-fire gags and attractive animation to beat the band, in a movie that’s clever, colourful and undeniably cute. There’s a positive message delivered too, of course, meaning that both the young ‘uns and their parents should approve!





Available to rent on Virgin Movies from December 10th from €4.99


If you feel the long winter nights could do with a dose of fireworks, look no further! Denzel Washington resumes his starring role in what is the only sequel of his entire career – quite a vote of confidence, we reckon! Sure enough, the high-octane set-pieces perform in a big way, while the leading man is capable of delivering both emotional gut-punches and killshots to the head with unerring accuracy…





Available to rent on Virgin Movies from December 24th from €4.99


Spike Lee is well known for his hard-hitting style, so you’d best believe that when he gets his hands on an incredible true story of a black man infiltrating the Ku Klux Klan, he’s going to make some magic! Sure enough, the powerful tale is not merely a study of history, but also a biting take on many modern issues, and its unsettling combination of comedy and commentary is the sort of potent cocktail that will leave your head spinning.





Available to rent on Virgin Movies from December 26th from €4.99


Melissa McCarthy and a puppet knocking about solving crimes – sounds like the perfect family treat, right? WRONG! Seriously, don’t let the kids next, nigh or near this one – it’s the ultimate lesson in never judging a book (or, eh, film) by its cover! Rude, crude and painfully funny, it revels in its sheer filthiness as we get a look into what some of our favourite childhood shows might have looked like if something truly terrible had gone wrong!





Available to rent on Virgin Movies from December 26th from €4.99


An Irish soldier returning home to find his home – and his family – ravaged by the famine is the basis for this grim, gritty but ultimately great drama, which boasts both the action and the emotion of anything Hollywood could muster. The story and the visuals are both epic in scope, and the cast – with no small number of Irish stars in its ranks – are universally on point. Irish filmmaking has rarely been so good…




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