Our Five Favourite Fictional Bands In Movies

Best Movie Bands

One of the year’s most feel-good films is Hearts Beat Loud, a comedy drama that sees a father and daughter duo make massive waves in the music world. Starring Nick Offerman and Kiersey Clemons, it’s a reminder that you don’t have to hit Spotify to find amazing bands – sometimes films just create them for you!




It’s got us thinking of the other awesome acts that were created for the big screen, yet managed to worm their way onto our playlists too. From jiving jazz to raucous rock, this lot all got us shaking a leg; check out these movies that brought the musical heat too!




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The coming-of-age film drew heavily on director John Carney’s youth – and when you consider that he served time alongside Glen Hansard in The Frames before embarking on a movie career, it makes sense that this wasn’t any old teenage band! The 80s influences were undeniable, but we wouldn’t blame you for throwing a few of this lot’s efforts on the stereo today; they’re ace!





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The second best thing about this movie is how unbelievable and crazy it is. The best thing is that it’s actually exactly what rock’n’roll is really like! The mockumentary is nothing short of a work of art, as well as being one of the most side-splitting stories ever committed to celluloid. And the tunes? Well, let’s just say that Liam Gallagher of Oasis was absolutely convinced they were a real band…






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A bit of jazz fusion, anyone? It probably doesn’t sound like the most appealing thing to find in someone’s record collection, but one look at The Messengers in action and you begin to appreciate there’s a lot to like behind the label! Real-life superstar John Legend assumed the position of frontman Keith – but the real props go to Ryan Gosling, who somehow transformed himself into a pianist par excellence just for the role!





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The Enchantment Under The Sea dance was rockin’ back in November 1955, thanks to the elegant tunes of the evening’s entertainers, Marvin Berry and the Starlighters. It wasn’t quite so successful when Marty McFly joined them on stage to bust out a version of ‘Johnny B Goode’ – but hey, if you guys aren’t ready then your kids are gonna love it!





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Russell Brand’s turn as Aldous Snow – frontman of Infant Sorrow – was a revelation from the first second, so it was only right he had a big-screen outing all of his own. With an all-encompassing approach that ticks a whole lot of rock star boxes (from nihilism to charitable anthems, they’re all here!), he’ll remind you of more than a few famous faces during the journey from the gutter to the stage…




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