Here Come The Tears – Beautiful Boy And Four More Emotional Epics!

Emotional Epic Movies

When we hear the name Steve Carell, we usually think about laughing; great, guffawing belly laughs prompted by one of the funniest actors around. What we don’t think of is bawliong our eyes out – but that’s exactly the situation we’ve been left in by Beautiful Boy.



A touching tale of addiction and survival, it shows a completely different side to the funnyman, and also benefits from a startling turn courtesy of Timothée Chalamet. It’s one of the most emotional films of the year – a one-way ticket to Tissue Town – and it’s not the only tearjerker waiting for you the next time you fancy a Sad Movie Day…




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An outstanding adaptation of the young adult novel, this is one film that pulls no punches. A tale of the fallout following a police shooting, it’s predictably raw and affecting, while the lead performance of Amandla Stenberg is bristling in its directness. The hyper-relevant subject matter guarantees a certain level of connection, but it’s in nuanced characters and a carefully-crafted script that this one gets us right in the feels.






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There might not be enough Kleenex in the land to mop up the tears this one will prompt! Beautifully made and heartbreaking in all manner of ways, the family drama is an emotional gut-punch – and earned every one of its awards season gongs. Casey Affleck gives the best showing of his career, but with no shortage of fully-realised figures and poignant moments, it’s a film that’s bound to live long in the memory.






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A sprawling tale of intertwined characters and interconnecting stories, this romance is melodramatic without being mawkish; a surefire way to get the tears flowing! The star-studded cast play their part, too – Olivia Wilde and Oscar Isaac especially noteworthy – but it’s the trusty themes of life, love and loss that really do the damage here!





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Could any list of tear-jerkers be complete without this one?! The story of Jack and Rose – and the big boat they’re sailing on – is one of the best-known in cinema history, yet it still gets us blubbing like we’re seeing it for the first time! Is there room to spare on the door? That’s an argument for the ages. What’s not up for debate, however, is that James Cameron’s romantic epic deserves its place in movie history…now pass the hankies!




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