The New Movies To Make Your Date Night

best Date night Movies

Perhaps there’s a chill in the air, maybe your babysitter let you down, or it could even be that you just don’t fancy leaving the house – for any reason; all perfectly valid reasons for date night at home. And don’t think that the living room can’t be as lively as any outside destination either – especially if you’ve got top-notch entertainment on the box!


We’ve picked out a few choice options on Virgin Movies for your next romantic night in; from rib-tickling rom-com to blockbuster spectacle, your line-up is sorted…



Available to rent now on Virgin Movies from €4.99


With Charlize Theron and Seth Rogan scintillating in the central odd couple role, this is a rom-com that ticks both the romantic and comedy boxes with aplomb! There’s genuine chemistry between the leads, and the sharp script and superb supporting cast make it a refreshing addition to the genre…




Available to rent now on Virgin Movies from €4.99


They’ve assembled, they’ve warred, and they’ve, erm, age of ultron-ed; now, the epic saga of the film’s finest superhero collective comes to a close. Befitting a franchise like this, though, they’re not disappearing quietly – in fact, from the wise-cracking gags and hair-raising action to emotion that could melt a heart of stone, things most certainly end on a high!




Available to rent now on Virgin Movies from €4.99


While Bo Burnham has earned a reputation as a stand-up comic, he’s actually a right renaissance man; musician, poet, and actor to name but three. It might be as a director where he finds greatest success, though – certainly, if his debut film is anything to go by! Delicate, sweet and perfectly crafted, it’s a coming-of-age story to cherish.




Available to rent now on Virgin Movies from €4.99


Our own Jessie Buckley has won plaudits worldwide for her turn as a Scottish singer dreaming of country music stardom – every one of them deserved! The story is full of soul and spirit, the performances electric, and the soundtrack sensational; you’ll be cheering from your couch before you know it!



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