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The shopping rush has begun, the decorations are up, and there’s sleigh bells jingling (and ring-ting-tingling) too – Christmas is officially upon us! Well, almost – and that’s why we’re looking to pass that time by busting out our cinematic Advent calendar and choosing a movie a day to take us all the way to December 25. If you fancy feeling festive, then read on and prepare to feast on the finest seasonal fare to ever hit the screen!

Week 3


Deck the Halls

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The decidedly odd couple of Matthew Broderick and Danny DeVito butt heads as a pair of suburban fathers battling over the title of the town’s ultimate Christmas enthusiast. Yes, they get a little juvenile – but then what did you expect from a family movie?! – and there’s probably one or two dads out there who could learn a thing or two…




The Santa Clause

Available to rent On Demand from €2.99


Delightfully dedicated to the spirit of the holidays, this light and breezy comedy stars the superb Tim Allen as Scott Calvin, a dad who unwittingly finds himself inheriting Santa’s job. The transformation scenes alone are some of the funniest festive filmmaking ever – and all together it’s a deserved hit year upon year.




Die Hard 2

Available to rent On Demand from €2.99


A year after his initial heroics, John McClane wonders what the chances are of a repeat – and thank goodness he said it! Not that it matters though, because while the drama might have switched coasts the hallmarks of the first are front and centre once again; fireworks aplenty, with the action even more over-the-top.




In Search of Santa

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Featuring sisters Hilary and Hailey Duff (double Duff, if you will), laying a pair of penguins on a journey to the North Pole – and gathering a motley crew of new friends along the way. Lively and colourful, it’s one to keep younger audiences happy.




The Family Stone

Available to rent On Demand from €2.99


If you bring an ice-queen home for the holidays, you can expect a frosty reception; when you plan on proposing to her with a treasured family heirloom, it’s going to get positively treacherous! With a loaded cast and a script that neatly balances sentiment with screwball, it’s a smart and tart addition to the annual schedule.




Home Alone 3

Available to rent On Demand from €2.99


The child might have changed, but the rip-roaring comedy remains much the same. A luggage mix-up – and a gift from a curmudgeonly neighbour – lands Alex Pruitt in the crosshairs of some sinister, yet frightfully uncoordinated, criminals. Hijinks, predictably enough, ensue…


Week 1


Home Alone
Available to rent On Demand from €2.99


Christmas was never the same once we were introduced to Kevin McAllister, and renewing acquaintances never gets old! A beloved family film – the type that no parent minds sitting through! – is a comedy classic directed by the masterful John Hughes, stuffed to the brim with slapstick entertainment and heartwarming charm.

The Holiday
Available to rent On Demand from €2.99


The fantastic foursome of Jude Law, Kate Winslet, Jack Black and Cameron Diaz combine wonderfully in a holiday house-swap where the visitors get more than they bargained for. Feelgood and festive, it’s the sort of leisurely romantic comedy just made for an evening under the duvet.

Arthur Christmas
Available to rent On Demand from €2.99


The team behind Wallace and Gromit and Chicken Run get festive with a clever Christmas cracker that packs a surprisingly emotional punch. A delightful story that gives Santa’s oft-ignored son Arthur a chance to shine, globetrotting adventures unfold when one present goes undelivered; this is one for the whole family to enjoy.

The Christmas Switch
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Santa’s advanced age and ailing health prompts a body-swap – and somehow, it’s a fast-talking gambler who ends up making the trade. Dodgy friends and even dodgier decisions throw the whole holiday into jeopardy, but the true spirit of the season outs in the end; an inventive and irreverent take on an old idea.

The Nightmare Before Christmah
Available to rent On Demand from €2.99


Tim Burton’s stop-motion spectacular is an excellently original and visually stunning flick, which follows Halloween Town resident Jack Skellington as he realises Yule is pretty cool – and thus aims to take it over. You can probably imagine that the consequences of that are pretty wild – but there’s little else predictable about this inventive and inspiring classic.

Die Hard
Available to rent On Demand from €2.99


A festive flick unlike any other, John McClane’s Christmas party turned bad is firmly established as a staple of end-of-year viewing. The late Alan Rickman is superb as the nefarious Hans Gruber, but scenes are unceremoniously stolen by Bruce Willis; considered until this point as a wisecracking sitcom actor, it launched him to the top table of Hollywood’s leading men.


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