Five Video Calling Activities To Get The Gang Together

Stock image of a group gathered around a laptop

Whether or not you consider yourself to be a social animal, there’s no denying that the past while’s been a little strange; and whether you’re a tech expert or a technophobe, we’re betting you’ve learned a whole lot more about video calling in the last few weeks too! Yes, FaceTime, Zoom and HouseParty have become part of our everyday lives – and if you’re not on board yet, you’re missing out!


It’s more than just a way to share a chat, too; there’s loads of things you can get up to with little more than a webcam and some mates. So gather the gang and have a crack at something special to bridge the gap today; here’s a handful of ideas to get you started.


Question: do you know how many more people than normal are participating in quizzes over the past few weeks? OK, so we don’t have an exact answer – but we know it’s a lot! A table quiz is great craic at the best of times, and doing it remotely isn’t much different; you can take turns at being the weekly quizmaster, and there’s tons of sites and suggestions online if coming up with questions is proving tricky!


The past few years have seen the humble book club increase in popularity – and now that so many people have extra time on their hands, it’s the perfect time to get stuck in! With the likes of Kindle and Audible delivering millions of titles, everyone will be able to access the tome in question, it guarantees something to discuss other than current events, and the whole thing is great motivation to broaden your horizons and bury your nose in a good read when you’ve got some time alone!

Love watching a movie with your mates? Well, just because you’re not in the same spot doesn’t mean you have to stop! Apps like Netflix Party and Rave are specially designed to sync up with what you’re watching, allowing you to banter and bicker your way through a film or show of your choice – so start building your list of must-sees right now to bring the joy of a cinema trip right to your sitting room!

Millions of online gamers have been battling remotely for years now – but if video games aren’t your thing, there’s still loads of options when play time comes around! Games like Charades, Hangman and Dictionary can work just as well on video call as they do in close proximity – and with a plethora of online options like Heads Up, Words With Friends and loads more, there’s bound to be something to get your competitive juices flowing!


If breaking bread is how you love to spend time with friends and family, then there’s no reason to stop; sharing a meal can be as enjoyable over cam as it is over a table! To make it extra special, try making sure everyone’s eating the same thing; you can even connect while cooking to trade tips, share some laughs and make the whole thing an all-evening event! Just remember, though; you’ll have to do your own washing up!

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