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Forget the pitter-patter of tiny feet; the sound you can hear right now is tens of thousands of cries of ‘five more minutes!’ as children all around the country return to the classroom. They might think they have it tough – only two months of summer holidays, after all! – but that’s often nothing compared to the parents dealing with the back-to-school rush. Assistance, though, is at hand – and, as ever these days, no small amount of it can be found right in your pocket! So whether you need a some lessons for lunches, or a helping hand for homework (we won’t tell!), read on; these are the apps to make the new school year a whole new level of easy…




Available on Android and iOS Footy training, piano lessons, field trips and family activities – and grown ups reckon they have busy lives! This cracking calendar app helps to keep on top of everything, and from colour-codes to simplify things to a shared shopping list, while there’s even a journal section to file away precious memories along the way; there’s no excuse for not being organised now!




Available on Android and iOS Packed lunches can get a little boring from time to time, but not with this gadget; new recipes are added all the time, but there’s already enough delicious and nutritious ideas to keep even the biggest family happy throughout the school year! Whisper it, too, but there’s also loads to suit the older generation – get the brown paper bags ready by the bucketload!




Available on Android and iOS The ideal solution for the worrisome (or, dare we say, forgetful!) parents out there is this nifty number, which links to your child’s phone – or GPS watch, if you’re that way inclined – to keep tabs on their whereabouts. It’s even got an extra-loud signal for use when a phone isn’t within arms reach, and keeps an eye on battery life letting you know when juice is running low.




Available on Android and iOS If you haven’t done your times-tables since primary school, there might be a tricky moment or three when it comes to maths homework; trigonometry, and that difficulty only multiplies! This awesome app, then, provides a priceless lifeline; simply scan the problem, and its wizardry will break the equation down into steps to make solving it easy as 1-2-3!


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