Why Say Hello To 500Mb Broadband? Here’s Why!

Fast Broadband

We all know that speed matters – and Virgin Media’s new 500Mb broadband brings things to a whole new level. Yes, Ireland’s fastest broadband network just got a whole lot faster!


If you’re wondering what having this sort of power at your disposal means, well, we’ve got the answers. Whatever your internet interests might be, going full throttle is the optimum option – click here to find out more about our awesome offer to boost your broadband from just €39 a month, and read on to find out what you can look forward to once you do!




Phones? Check. Tablets? Check. And laptops? Desktops? Consoles? Smart TVs? Printers? Speakers? Yeah, we’re all guilty of cramming everything we can think of onto our WiFi, meaning it really needs to be at the top of its game! Keeping the entire family happy is never easy, but ensuring broadband brilliance for everyone – and every device – will go a long way…







If the impending doom of climate change is the worst thing in the world, then being left to wait while your favourite show pauses to load must be a close second. Well, that will be a thing of the past with a pumped-up connection; watching Netflix will never be as trouble-free than when your broadband runs at breakneck speed!







Wave goodbye to motion blur, and say later to lag; whether you’re firing up Fortnite or revelling in some Red Dead Redemption 2, your performance will never be as impressive. Well, we should probably clarify; your connection’s performance will never be as impressive; how well you do in the game is all down to you!







If you’re doing business in the box room then you’ll need the sort of firepower to compare with any hi-tech office building – which is where the awesome abilities of a 500Mb connection come into their own! Transatlantic teleconferences without a hitch or glitch in sight will be the new norm when you’ve got blistering broadband on your side!





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