Broadband for Work & Entertainment

Broadband for Work & Entertainment

New analysis shows about 1 in 4 people in Ireland work from home. It turns out the hybrid work model isn't just a fleeting trend!


The office desk's had a makeover – it's now our kitchen table, comfy sofa, or even that sunny spot in the garden. Hybrid and working-from-home models are making waves, and for good reason. It’s not just about dodging that morning commute or working in PJs. It’s about flexibility, work-life balance, and recognising that productivity isn’t tied to an eircode. This new way of working is proving its worth, and it seems we're all on board for the long haul.


And when your home doubles as your office and entertainment space, you’ll want to know your WiFi connection is up to the job! Discover how Virgin fast broadband helps you to stay connected to work and to relax...


From video conferencing to sharing whopper files, taking care of business demands a lot of your broadband - so you’d best be sure your connection is up to pace! That’s where Ireland’s best broadband is your not-so-secret weapon; with eye-watering speeds, as well as 99.9% reliability, you can be sure your Virgin Media connection is capable of handling your workload - and then some!


When it comes to broadband, speed's the name of the game! You'd ideally want a connection of at least 30 Mbps, but if your household's a bustling digital hub with multiple users, it's worth cranking it up a notch. Remember, it's all about keeping those virtual wheels turning smoothly. If in doubt, test your broadband speed!


When there’s more than one person working from home – or just someone trying to enjoy a leisurely afternoon around the house! – then it’s time for Smart WiFi to really flex its muscles! The ingenious hub will monitor traffic from all devices throughout the home, and automatically switch channels to ensure everyone’s getting the fastest speed possible; now that’s smart...


If your home is your workspace, then black spots are a dealbreaker - and that’s where the magic of Virgin Media’s WiFi Guarantee comes in! Using next-level mesh technology, the super Smart WiFi Pods work together with your Hub to ensure your signal reaches every last inch of your home, banishing any annoying black spots. Whether you’re crushing spreadsheets in the sitting room or having a catch-up from the kitchen, you’ll be covered!


One drawback to the home office is that it’s hard to draw a line on when work is done – but a nifty feature of the Virgin Media Connect App can help with that! Because it allows you to pause WiFi on specific devices, you can disconnect your work computer when you fancy, meaning you can get on with your evening without the ‘ping’ of messages echoing about while you try to relax!

Want to curb that broadband binge while working from home? Start by designating 'offline' slots in your day, allowing for some digital detox. Prioritise phone chats over lengthy emails when you can – quicker and more personal! Allocate specific times for tasks, reducing idle browsing. Remember, it's all about mindful online moments and getting the most from your day, minus the endless scrolling!


In the age of home offices and digital hangouts, the real hero is robust, reliable broadband. Whether you're knee-deep in spreadsheets, hosting a video call, or just wanting a seamless Netflix binge, Virgin Media's got your back.



From speed demon performance to those genius WiFi Pods, every corner of your abode is sorted. And when it's time to hit 'off-duty', a tap on the app gives you the peace you crave. Cheers to smooth sailing in the digital sea with Virgin fast broadband!