We’ve got you covered.

Do Virgin Media offer mobile phone insurance?

Yes, we’ve agreed a deal with our friends in Mobilecover to bring you exclusive phone insurance rates. Your policy is provided directly through them. Find out more below.

How does it work?

The folks at Mobilecover have agreed to give Virgin Mobile customers a special discounted insurance rate. Once you’ve got your mobile phone from us, just follow this link to insure my phone. Pop in your details and Mobilecover will send you an insurance cert.
From then on you can sit back and relax - you’re insured. Just remember, be careful when entering your information, any mistakes and you might not be fully covered!

I bought my phone two weeks ago. Can I still get insurance?

No problem, if you’ve bought your mobile phone in the last 28 days you can still get insurance. Once you sign up with Mobilecover, your cover will start right away.

How much will it cost?

It’s not rocket science: It just depends on your phone price. Our mobile phone range is split into three comprehensive policy types, high, medium and low. Mobilecover decides which phones fall into each. On the Mobilecover page, just select your phone model to see what your policy will cost.

What’s covered?

If disaster strikes, don’t stress! You’ll be covered for Screen Damage, Liquid Damage, Accessory Cover, Total Write Off, World Wide Coverage, Loss, Theft and Courier Service. As always, make sure you read the fine print first.

So how do I claim?

We’ll get you back up and running in no time, but there are a few things you need to do first.

1. Get in touch with the Virgin Mobile Care Team on Freephone 1908 within 24 hours to report loss, theft or damage to your phone. We’ll put your phone on the National Blacklist so no one can use it in Ireland. We can also send you a new SIM card.
2. You’ll need the Mobilecover claim form. You can download it here.
3. We’ll send you a warranty receipt for your claim.
4. Once you’ve filled out the claim form, get it signed at your local Garda station.
5. Finally, you need a cheque, postal order or debit/ credt card made out to Mobilecover for the cost of your excess.

6. Pop it all in an envelope and send to: 


PO Box 11140
Dublin 2


Once Mobilecover process your claim, they’ll replace your phone with a like for like model or repair it. Happy days.

How long until I get my replacement/ repaired phone?

It’s pretty quick. Replacements usually get to you within 2 days, once your claim is confirmed. Repairs take between 5 and 7 days. Good as new in no time! 

What happens if I am no longer with Virgin Mobile?

Your Mobilecover insurance policy is totally independent of Virgin Media, so as long as you pay, it doesn’t matter who your phone provider is. But if anything else changes (e.g. you get a new phone) you’ll need to let Mobilecover know.

I got a new/ replacement phone from somewhere else. What next?

That’s fine, just contact Mobilecover to update your policy. They’ll make the changes to your contract and send you the new details. Done and dusted.

I missed a payment with Mobilecover. What should I do?

You have five days to get in touch with Mobilecover to get things sorted. If this time lapses, so will your policy. So it’s best to pay by Direct Debit to make sure this doesn’t happen!

How many claims can I make?

You can make two claims in any 12 month period. But like anything in life, make sure to read the terms and conditions first so you’re in the know.

Who do I contact if I have an insurance query?

Your policy is with Mobilecover so you’ll need contact them. At Virgin Mobile we won’t have your policy info. They’re a friendly bunch - call them on (01) 2932810 or drop them a mail at info@mobilecover.ie

How do I pay?

You’re insured by Mobilecover, so you’ll be billed by them. You can set up a direct debit and they’ll take care of the payments. Easy!