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Freestyle Contracts

Unlike standard mobile contracts, Virgin Mobile Freestyle splits your monthly payment in two: your bill will show one figure for your Mobile Phone, and one for your Plan. Add them together and that’s what you’ll be paying each month. Simple, right?


Its new - and its all about you,

Our flexible Freestyle Contracts work around you

Change your tariff month to month

No need to worry about choosing the right Mobile plan today for the rest of your contract. We will let you change your Mobile Plan up or down anytime (effective from your next Bill Date), to get more or less data, minutes and texts.


Upgrade to a new phone early

Your phone is on a separate contract to your minutes, text and data. That gives you freedom to pay the phone off early and upgrade to a new model, whenever you fancy.



Only pay for your Mobile Plan once your phone is paid off

Once your phone has been paid off, its only fair we stop charging you for it – so we do! After that, you’ll only pay your monthly Mobile Plan for your data, calls and texts, which is on a 30 day rolling contract.