Music copyright
& what it means
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While many of us love to enjoy music online, we all need to be aware of music copyright.

Irma is the body that protects the welfare and interests of the music industry in Ireland, and monitors copyright infringement.

When an IP address registered with Virgin Media is identified as having allegedly breached music copyright, IRMA will contact us. We're legally required to identify customers and notify them of this, using a 2 stage process. See more in our handy FAQs below.

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Frequently asked questions

I got a letter from Virgin Media warning me about copyright infringement. Why did I receive this?

When a customer is alleged to have breached music copyright, IRMA contacts us. If your IP address is identified, we send you a letter to let you know. You’ll receive a second warning letter if the activity continues. After that, Virgin Media are no longer involved and any further action is a matter for the Court and the music companies.

What is meant by copyright infringement?

Uploading, downloading and sharing music online without the right permissions and without the copyright owners' consent is considered copyright infringement and is illegal.

How can you enjoy music legally online?

There are lots of great sites that allow users to enjoy music legally, such as Spotify, iTunes and Amazon MP3. Please encourage other members of your household to use these platforms.

How can you increase your online security?

We’ve put together some handy tips and tricks to make sure your broadband connection is as safe as it can be. Check them out here.

What criteria is used to identify customers?

IRMA uses a third party (Dtecnet) to identify the IP addresses involved in illegal sharing of music. We’ve received assurance from IRMA that the process is fully legal and approved by the High Court, and complies with Data Protection Legislation.

What’s an IP address?

It’s pretty simple really. An IP address is a unique identifier assigned by service providers to every computer or device using the internet. Known as your ‘internet protocol address’, you’ll see it as string of numbers separated by full stops. It can be used to reveal information about your location, including your town/city and area code.

Does Virgin Media monitor what you’re doing online?

No. We take your privacy very seriously, and there are strict laws that prohibit Virgin Media from monitoring what any of our customers do online.

Will your details be shared with IRMA or any other party?

No. When we receive IP addresses from IRMA, Virgin Media will identify specific customers without sharing your details with IRMA or anyone else. (Except where required to do so by law, such as a Court Order)

If a customer wants to appeal, what should they do?

We have a dedicated team to help customers with any copyright infringement queries. If you feel that you’ve been incorrectly identified or were not responsible for any illegal file sharing, you can let our team know.


Call us on 1908


You can also appeal in writing to:


Virgin Media Ireland, Limerick Enterprise Development Park, Roxboro Road, Limerick.


We’ll consider all customer appeals on a case by case basis.

How should you contact IRMA if you feel the information shared is incorrect?

You can get in touch with IRMA at:

IRMA House, 1 Corrig Avenue, Dun Laoghaire, Co. Dublin

T: +353 1 280 6571
E: *protected email*