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Tackling Boredom 24/7!

You know how it goes… you’re a TV customer, and you want to watch telly in the bath. Or on the bus. Or up a tree. Well, TV Anywhere lets you do just that! Watch TV on your smart device, anytime, anywhere with the Virgin TV Anywhere app.
(Exclusively for our TV customers)

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and repair

They’ve got your back!

Your box goes on the blink, we’ll be right there to sort it out. Speedy servicing and repairs on any malfunctioning Virgin Media equipment, and providing it went kaput under normal operating conditions, it’s 100% free.

My Virgin

The brains of the team

Everything you need to handle your Virgin Media account in one simple place. Track your usage,
view your bill, pay your bill, contact customer services and update your information, right there in one place, and all you have to do is register!

(Exclusively for Virgin Media customers)


Handles security!

Broadband customers get peace of mind knowing that Parental Controls is working to keep their young ‘uns away from the less savoury stuff online. No technology provides 100% protection, but the Parental Controls Inclusive sure does go a long way.
(Exclusively for our Broadband customers)

Wi Free

Can keep you connected anywhere!

Bring your broadband with you, using Wi Free. Log onto reliable broadband when you are out and about using your own password. Simple, safe, and saves you the hassle of going looking for someone else’s WiFi details.
(Exclusively for our Broadband customers)


You want it? They’ve got it!

Hundreds of movies and TV shows, ready whenever you want them. Watch or rent whatever you want, whenever you want. Virgin Media TV customers have an ever-growing entertainment library that doesn’t take up an inch of space on your box.


Won’t let you miss a thing!

Turn your TV into a time machine with Replay TV. Any show over the past week with the Replay TV icon in your TV guide can be played at the touch of a button! It’s some serious sci-fi level technology, and Horizon TV customers can start using it right now!

Terms & Conditions

TV Anywhere

TV Anywhere App is subject to device registration on a maximum of 2 devices in addition to your set top box. TV Anywhere service includes 78 channels available to watch Out of Home over 3G, 4G and public W-Fi networks. TV Anywhere requires your device to have iOS6 or above for apple products & OS.4.0.3 or above for Android, & is available to Virgin Media Ireland customers with Virgin Media Ireland TV. This is only available on select programmes.



Information correct at 07/2016.

My Virgin Media

These terms and conditions are in addition to Virgin Media’s General Terms and Conditions, a copy of which is available here.

All services are subject availability & our acceptable usage policy.

Information correct at 07/2016.


Parental Controls

Virgin Media Parental Controls allows you to restrict access to age inappropriate websites on your home network. When opted in for the service, Virgin Media will provide help you to restrict access to websites that are included in following categories: Adult and Pornography, Nudity, Abused drugs, Hate & Racism, Violence, Hacking, Weapons, Questionable & Gross, on any device that connects to your home network. The list of websites included in our categories is provided by Webroot International Limited. Full terms and details for this service are available when you register through your My VM account.


Information correct at 07/2016.

Wi Free

Wi-Free: When you sign up for Virgin Media’s Broadband service your modem will automatically offer a second signal for Wi-Free. If you would prefer your modem was not available to other Virgin Media customers visiting your home you can opt out at any time by logging into My Virgin Media Ireland. If you choose to opt out, your modem will not offer a Wi-Free service nor will you be able to connect to other Wi-Free networks. You must be a Virgin Media Broadband customer & in the home of another participating Virgin Media Broadband customer to avail of the Wi-Free service. All Virgin Media Broadband customers can connect to Wi-Free. Wi-Free will give you speeds of 2.5Mb download & 0.5Mb upload. Up to 3 members of a Virgin Media household can connect to Wi-Free at a time. 5 Virgin Media customers can connect to a single modem at a time. The Wi-Free service is subject to our Acceptable Usage Policy. These terms & conditions are in addition to Virgin Media Ireland’s General Terms & Conditions, a copy of which is available here


Information correct at 07/2016.

On Demand

On Demand
You must have a compatible Virgin Media set top box. If your box is not compatible you can order a new one by contacting us on 1908. A charge may apply for the new box.

If you order a movie using On Demand a charge will apply. We will confirm the cost of the movie before you buy it. The charge will appear on your next bill.

Replay TV

Replay TV available on selected channels and select programmes will only be available.


Information correct at 07/2016.

Free servicing and repair

Free servicing and repair: Equipment remains the property of Virgin Media Ireland so there is no charge for service technician visits when the fault is related to our network or equipment.

Information correct at 01/2021.