CNN Channel Closure


Why is CNN leaving Virgin Media?

Warner Media is planning to move to a subscription model for its CNN news channel.The channel will no longer be available on Virgin TV after 16th November 2021.

Where can I watch CNN content?

Customers can still watch and catch up on the latest news on major news channels such as CNBC, BBC News, Sky News and many others.

Is there a CNN app on Virgin Media?

If and when CNN make their full live TV service available via app in Ireland, we will look at bringing it the Virgin Media platform, so keep an eye out.

Can I access CNN content anywhere else?

Yes, you can! CNN offer subscription services on the LIVE TV section of their
website, or you can access up to date news in their online articles at

Do I have a right to cancel?

Sorry, the loss of CNN is not included within the right to cancel terms of our customer contracts.