Using VirginTV

How do I adjust the resolution and picture format on the Horizon box?

Sometimes screens have different dimensions, which require an adjustment to your resolution to get the best viewing experience. To access the picture/video settings on your Horizon box:


1.       Press "MENU" on your remote control.

2.       On screen navigate to "SETTINGS" and press "OK" on your remote control.

3.       Select "ADVANCED SETTINGS" and press "OK".

4.       Select "VIDEO SETTINGS" and press "OK".


To adjust the resolution on your Horizon box:


1.       Select "HD RESOLUTION" and press "OK". You can now choose a specific resolution setting or to "FOLLOW TV RESOLUTION".

2.       Select your desired option and press "OK" on your remote control to confirm.


To adjust the picture format on your Horizon box:


1.       Select "FORMAT CONVERSION" and press "OK".

2.       On screen choose the format you would like to display programmes in and press "OK" on your remote control to confirm the selection.


How do I set up subtitles on my Horizon box?

Whether you want to watch something without sound, are in a room where the speakers will be drowned out, or just a little behind on your French, turning the subtitles on is facile.


1.    Press "MENU" on your remote control and on screen navigate to "SETTINGS"

2.    Select "PREFERENCES"

3.    Select "HARD OF HEARING SUBTITLES" and choose "ON"

Subtitles will now appear whenever available, so have fun!


NOTE: Pausing or rewinding Live TV, while subtitles are active, can cause the subtitles to lag behind the picture displayed. To rectify this, return to Live TV. 

How do I access my Planner (programmes recording list)?

You know you’re going to be out, but you also know your favourite programme is going to be on. That’s what the RECORDING function comes to the rescue. To access your TV “Planner” (list of programmes you want to record) please follow the steps below:


1. Press “MENU” on Horizon remote control  

2.    Go to “MY LIBRARY”

3. Press “OK
4. Select “PLANNER”  

5.   Press “OK”

If at any time you need to set recordings for your favourite programmes visit our recordings page.

How can I quickly search for content on the Horizon box?

To search on the Horizon box press the "MENU" button on your remote control and select "SEARCH". In the "SEARCH" menu option choose "KEYWORD". Here you can search for various content such as your favourite programmes, films and On Demand content including any recordings you may have.


Note: Search terms cannot contain spaces and must be single word search terms.


How can I receive digital radio stations using the Horizon box?

Digital radio stations can be found in the TV Guide on the Horizon box. To select a radio channel, navigate to the selected station, press the "OK" button on your remote control and hold it for 2-3 seconds.


Tip: The TV doesn't have to be switched on to listen to audio. If you have connected an amplifier to the


Horizon box, via the audio ports at the rear, then the sound is played through your music system. The selected channel can be seen on the front panel display of the Horizon box.

How can I add and organise channel favourites on the Horizon box?

To add a channel favourite on the Horizon box, press "OK" in the TV Guide or when watching live television, then select "ADD TO FAVOURITES".
To organise your favourites:

1. On your remote control select the "MENU" button.

At this point you can choose:

1. "SET FAVOURITES" - Here you can set and remove favourite channels by navigating to the channel and clicking OK. When a channel is added to the favourites there will be a tick beside it. After adding channels select "CONFIRM LIST" on screen.

2. "REORDER FAVOURITES" - Here you can change the order of your favourites list. Navigate to the channel you wish to move, click "OK" on your remote control and move the channel to it's new position. Press "OK" again on your remote to confirm the channel's new position.

How can I Skip By Day on the TV Guide?

The Skip By Day feature allows you to skip forward or backwards by day on your TV guide within the 14 next days of programming.

This feature appears in your TV Guide:

• Press the GUIDE button on your Horizon Remote control (or select TV GUIDE in the Main Menu)
• You will see a fast forward logo just beside today's date, on the top left hand side of your TV screen.

Current Day:
When your TV Guide is displaying the current day programmes, click the Fast Forward key on your Remote Control to jump to the same time of day in the TV Guide for the next day's information.


Next Day:
When your TV Guide is displaying a day in the future, the Fast Forward of Fast Rewind keys display so users can Skip forward or backwards through the guide


Last Day:
In the last day of the guide, only the skip backwards option displays.

Can I watch content on the Virgin TV Anywhere app that I recorded using my Horizon box?

At present programmes recorded on the Horizon box cannot be played using the Virgin TV Anywhere app.

How do I set a reminder on my Horizon TV HD+ box?

To make sure you never miss your favourite programmes you can quickly set a reminder with Horizon TV:

1. Press the "GUIDE" button on your remote control.
2. On screen navigate to the Channel & Programme you wish to set a reminder for and press "OK" on your remote control.
3. Select "SET REMINDER" from the menu which appears and press "OK"
4. If there is a series of episodes you can choose to set a reminder for "THIS EPISODE" or "ENTIRE SERIES". Select the desired option and press "OK" on your remote control.

Your reminder is now set so you will be prompted when this programme is about to start.

What does the source button on the Horizon remote control do?

Once paired with your TV, the Source button at the top of your Horizon Remote control will switch the input to your television from the Horizon TV HD+ box to other connected devices you may have e.g. Xbox, Playstation, DVD player. Each click of the button will change the input.