Replay TV

What is Replay TV and will I get charged extra for using it?

Replay TV is a completely free service that lets you catch shows you missed, or record ones you love.


Don’t see anything playing live that catches your fancy? Use the power of Replay TV to gaze into the past and watch programmes that aired up to 7 days ago. You can peer into the future as well, and set your Horizon box to record something you know you’ll want to save for later.


Just scroll through the TV Guide, select the show you’d like to watch, press OK and select and PLAY.

In Replay TV why can't I get all the channels and why are some channels blocked?

While surfing the channels, you may see the message “Replay TV is not available for this programme” displayed on your screen.


As much as broadcasters would like to offer all of their programmes all of the time across all platforms, they don’t always have the rights to do so. So, the content on Replay TV is only what they’re legally able to provide. Shame, isn’t it?


You could always use the SEARCH function to see if what you’re itching to watch is available either On Demand or Repeated at a later time.

What do the error codes I recieve while using Replay TV mean?

In rare circumstances, you may run into an error code while using Replay TV. If you experience any of the following, contact us and we’ll be happy to help:

1.      Getting 'Subscribe' message when trying to access Replay TV.

2.      Getting error code 8182, when trying to view Replay TV.

3.      Getting error code 8075, when trying to view Replay TV.


Error code 8182 means that service is out of order. Even we’re most likely already on it, it can’t hurt to reach out anyway.


Are there age ratings for Replay TV?

There are indeed age ratings for Replay TV, yes. See, normal TV viewing uses the Watershed (9pm to 6am) to help prevent children from being exposed to age-inappropriate content.

But Replay TV content is available 24/7, which means the programmes aired between 9pm and 6am are too. That’s why age ratings are applied: to ensure that content is labelled for the minimum age group for which it is suitable. You can block content based on the rating with a special PIN code. To learn how to set up the parental controls and PIN code, just click here.