Virgin TV Recordings

How can I record using the Horizon box?

There are a lot of eyes, a lot of preferences, and a lot of programmes out there. You can record something now and watch it later with a few clicks of the buttom. And, the Horizon box lets you record 4 shows at the same time, even while you are watching a 5th, so everyone’s happy.


To record a programme while watching it live, press the "REC" button on your remote control. You can choose to record just one episode or an entire series. If you press "THIS EPISODE", you’ll only save the current episode of the programme you are watching. If you choose "ENTIRE SEASON", you’ll record the entire season as the weeks march on.


You can also select "ADD EXTRA TIME", which allows you to add extra recording time on to the start and end of your programme We recommend that you do this on each of your recordings just to be safe.


If you see a programme in the TV Guide, and want to save it for later, of if you know something’s coming and want to make sure your Horizon box saves it while you’re out, just follow these simple steps:


1.       Press the "GUIDE" button on your remote control (if you’re not in the TV Guide already).

2.       On your screen go to the programme you wish to record and press "OK" on your remote control.

3.       Choose to record either "THIS EPISODE" or the "ENTIRE SEASON". Press "OK" on your remote control to confirm your selection.

How many programmes can I record at the same time?

You can record up to 4 programmes at the same time using the Virgin TV box. If the maximum number of recordings is exceeded you will be shown a message with a list of the options as follows:

1. AUTOMATICALLY - Your Virgin TV box cancels the recording with the lowest priority. High-priority recordings are those that are currently running and protected recordings.

2. MANUALLY - You can select which recording to cancel.

3. CANCEL RECORDING - Your Virgin TV box cancels the most recent recording you have planned.

How can I playback recorded programmes on my Virgin TV HD+ box?

All recorded programmes are stored in "MY LIBRARY" in the main menu of your Virgin TV box.

To access your recorded programmes quickly, proceed as follows:

• Press "RECORDINGS" on your remote control.
• Select "MY RECORDINGS" and press "OK".
• Navigate to the programme you wish to view and select "OK" to confirm.

How can I delete recordings on my Horizon box?

You’re out of room, and want to record more. Or you’ve already watched a programme, and want to keep your records section tidy. Or it’s spring, and you want to do a bit of cleaning. Delete a planned recording or Series recording from your Horizon box by following these simple steps:


1.       Press the RECORDINGS key on the remote control.

2.       Using the up or down keys on the remote, select the planned recording you want to delete and press OK.

3.       If the planned recording is part of a series, a list of episodes is displayed; if it's a one-off recording, a list of actions is displayed.

4.       Select the planned recording you want to delete and press OK. (HINT: Press the UP arrow key to select the next scheduled recording in your Planner.)

5.       From the Action Menu, using the arrow keys, select the DELETE option and press OK.

6.       You will then be asked if you are sure you want to delete the planned recording, press OK with YES highlighted.

7.       Now press the "Live TV" key on the remote control to clear the menu.

You’re all done, and you didn’t even need a mop.

WARNING:  If you select the DELETE EVERYTHING option from the Action Menu, and confirm you wish to proceed, you will delete ALL planned recordings of ALL Programmes and ALL Series from the Horizon box. Please be sure you want to do this before selecting this option, K?

How do I delete a season on Horizon?

If you need to do a little spring cleaning on your box, and make a lot of room, you can now delete a full series of programmes in one go on Horizon TV Box:


1.       Go to RECORDINGS (either click on the "Recordings" button of your Remote Control or go to My Library > My Recordings)

2.       Select one of the series item you wish to delete

3.       Select “DELETE THIS SEASON” in the “ACTION MENU” and confirm

4.       This will delete all the programmes you had recorded on your Horizon Box for this series


Note:  Please note this will only delete the recordings that are stored in your Horizon box. This will not cancel any future recordings.


To delete your future recordings, please go to MY LIBRARY > PLANNER and go through the same steps.

How do I delete everything on my Horizon box?

If you need to make some serious space, or just want to start from scratch, you can just delete everything you have saved. But, because this is such a drastic step, Delete Everything has now been moved to the Advanced Settings of the box. This is to help reduce the number of times this is being done by mistake.

To delete all recordings from your Horizon box


  • Go to Settings > Advanced Settings > Horizon Box
  • Select DELETE ALL RECORDINGS: Warning!


You will be warned, that this action will delete all recordings from your  box, so you need to be sure it is what you want to do. We know we’re stressing the point, but you’d be surprised.

Pause and rewind using Horizon

Pause and rewind with Virgin TV gives you ultimate control over your viewing experience. To pause the programme you are watching simply press the PAUSE button on your remote control. Press this button again when you are ready to resume viewing.


To rewind the programme you are watching press the REWIND (two arrows showing backwards) button on your remote control. To fast forward the programme press the FORWARD (two arrows facing forward) button on your remote control.

What is "My Library" on the Horizon box?

In the My Library category in the main menu of the Horizon box you will find a number of options to explore content including:

1. Set and manage recordings in "MY HORIZON PLANNER"
2. Watch recorded content in "MY RECORDINGS"
3. Watch rented content in "RENTED ON DEMAND"
4. Use content within your home network e.g. photos, videos, music.

View My Library Options

How do I access the TV guide on the Horizon box?

To access to TV Guide using Virgin TV press the "GUIDE" button on your remote control. This brings your straight to the TV guide viewing all channels.

Alternatively, you can access the TV GUIDE by pressing the "MENU" button and navigating to the TV Guide. From here you can choose to view the guide in a number of different options:


The TV Guide shows scheduled programming for the next 14 days.

You can also choose to "ADJUST THE TIMELINE" - this changes the period of time displayed on the guide e.g. 30 minutes, 60 minutes, 90 minutes 

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How do I access my Planner?

To access your TV 'Planner' (list of programmes you want to record) please follow the steps below:

1. Press 'MENU' on Horizon remote control

2. Go to 'MY LIBRARY'

3. Press 'OK'

4. Select 'PLANNER'

5. Press 'OK'

If at any time you need to set recordings for your favourite programmes follow our quick guide.

View steps to access planner

How do I get the most from my recordings?

Here are some top tips that should help you to get the most from your recordings and mean that you never miss your favourite programmes.

Have you ever missed a programme you thought you had recorded? If so you might just need to check how much storage space you have free on your Horizon box.

Now you can manage and monitor the amount of storage space you have left on your box with the Disk space management feature – just follow these steps:

1.  Press the ‘Menu’ button on your remote control
2.  Select ‘Settings’
3.  Select ‘Diagnostic’ and press ‘ok’
4.  Select ‘Disk space’ (5th item listed)

This will tell you how much space you have used. There are a number of ways you can choose to manage your space.

Auto Delete

Your Horizon box is designed to ensure you never miss a future recording.To do this we have built in an Auto delete feature that manages your recordings when your Hard drive is almost full.


Your Horizon box will recognise that you do not have enough space to record a future recording and will then delete the oldest previously viewed recording


(A viewed recording is one that has been played, even for a few seconds).

Switch off Auto Delete 

By switching off ‘Auto Delete’ your box will never delete older recordings to make space for a new one. To switch off ‘Auto Delete’ simply change your settings to ‘Never Delete Recordings’ in the settings menu.


Follow these simple steps...


1 Press the ‘Menu’ button on your remote control
2 Select ‘Settings’ and press ‘OK’ for Preferences
3 Select ‘Disk Space Management’
4 Select ‘Never Delete Recordings’
5 Then click the ‘Return to TV’ button on your remote control or click BACK to clear menus

Protect your favourite recordings 

1. Select the recorded programme you wish to protect
2. Press OK and select the ‘Protect’ option from the menu list
3. This programme will now remain in your recordings until you wish to unprotect it


To unprotect a recording simply follow the above steps but select unprotect from the menu list this time.

The Auto Delete function does NOT delete your protected recordings.


If you switch off ‘Auto Delete’, don’t forget to check back on a regular basis to make sure you have enough space for your planned recordings.

Did you know?


If you are recording high definition movies they will take up more storage space than standard definition movies.

For example, if you record a movie in standard definition and it takes up 2.9GB of space. If you record the same movie in HD it will take up 6.5GB.