Virgin TV Introduction FAQs

What if I have tellies in more than one room? (Multiroom TV)

Lots of people are in the same boat. Our Multiroom Viewing option allows you to watch different channels in different rooms at the same time at the cost of €11 per month per extra TV box. You can also order two different types of boxes. So for example, you could have Horizon box in one room and a Digital TV box in another. It’s smooth sailing from there.

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Can I have a Horizon box in one room and a standard set-top box in another?

Of course you can. We’re all about keeping you entertained, and more places you can watch TV, the more TV you can watch. With Multiroom Viewing, you can install the Horizon set-top box in one room and have a Digital TV box to another room at just €11 extra a month. Happy viewing.

Why are some channels missing on my Horizon box after installation?

If you’re missing a few, don’t get too worried just yet. After a new installation, it may take up to 24 hours before all TV channels are viewable on your TV. Just hold tight, and you’ll be watching your favourite programmes before you know it.

How many programmes can I record at the same time using the Horizon box?

Too many great programmes playing at once? You can skip jumping between channels, and record up to 4 programmes at the same time using the Horizon box. If the maximum number of recordings is exceeded you will be shown a message with a list of the options as follows:


1.       AUTOMATICALLY - Your Horizon box cancels the recording with the lowest priority. High-priority recordings are those that are currently running and protected recordings.

2.       MANUALLY - You can select which recording to cancel.

3.       CANCEL RECORDING - Your Horizon box cancels the most recent recording you have planned.

How can I access the Apps that are installed on the Horizon box?

Your Horizon box gives you access to lots of useful apps. To open an app on the Horizon box just follow the steps below:

1. Press the "MENU" button on the remote control.
2.  Navigate to “APPS” and press “OK”.


The Apps available on your Horizon box include: Netflix, YouTube, Twitter, The Journal, The Score, CNN News, Accuweather, Euronews, Dailymotion, Mood Lounge, Hangman, Toys from Trash, Eux.TV, Cúla Caint, The Irish Times, Cinema Guide Ireland, Going Out Guide Ireland, Meteoradar, Al Jazeera, AA,, Google Maps, Rotten Tomatoes, and Yelp.

How can I playback recorded programmes on my Horizon box?

Finally you have a chance to catch up on what you missed. Brilliant! Everything you saved for later is stored in "LIBRARY" in the main menu of your Horizon box. To access your recorded programmes, all you have to do is press “RECORDINGS” on your remote control, or follow these simple steps:


1.       Press “MENU” on remote control and navigate to “LIBRARY” and press “OK

2.       Select "RECORDINGS" and press "OK".

3.       Navigate to the programme you wish to view and select "OK" to confirm.


Finally - Sit back, put your feet up, and enjoy.

What is 'My Library' on the Horizon box?

The Library category in the main menu of the Horizon box is where you can find your growing catalogue of recorded entertainment. You can start watching what you’ve saved in “RECORDINGS”, see what you rented in “RENTALS”, browse apps like Netflix and Youtube in the “APPS” section, and manage what you plan to watch in the “PLANNER” section. Pretty simple, no?

How do I pause and rewind on the Horizon box?

Pause and rewind with Horizon gives you ultimate control over your viewing experience. To pause the programme you are watching simply press the PAUSE  button on your remote control. Press this button again when you are ready to resume viewing.

To rewind the programme you are watching press the REWIND (two arrows showing backwards) button on your remote control. To fast forward the programme press the FORWARD (two arrows facing forward) button on your remote control.

It’s not exactly time traveling ... but it’s close.

How do I access the TV Guide on the Horizon box?

Using the Horizon box is easy. Navigating through the TV Guide is easier. Watching what you love is the easiest! To scroll through the TV Guide, press the "GUIDE" button on your remote control. This brings you straight to the "ALL CHANNELS VIEW" of the guide where you can see what is on now, next and up to 10 days ahead.


To choose a more specific guide view:


1.       Press "MENU" on your remote control.

2.       On screen navigate to "TV GUIDE", press OK, and press the up or down arrows on your remote control to browse the available options.

3.       Select "GENRE VIEW" to view the guide by specific channel genres e.g. "NEWS", "SPORT".

4.       Select "SINGLE CHANNEL VIEW" to browse the guide one channel at a time.

5.       Select "ADJUST TIMELINE" to change the period of time displayed in the TV Guide.

What power usage settings should I use on my Horizon box?

The standby power usage setting of the Virgin TV box should always be set to "HIGH". Broadband and home phone services will not work correctly in "ECO MODE".


To check your standby power usage setting:


1.       Press "MENU" on your remote control.

2.       On screen navigate to "SETTINGS".

3.       Select “PREFERENCES”.

4.       Select "STANDBY POWER USAGE" and press "OK". Here you can verify that your Virgin TV box is set to "HIGH".

Why is there a red/green tint on my TV screen?

Some TV sets initially display pictures with a red/green tint when using Virgin TV before everything has been configured. It’s pretty normal, and it’s easy to fix: 


1.       Press "MENU" on your remote control.

2.       On screen select "SETTINGS".

3.       Select "ADVANCED SETTINGS" and press "OK".

4.       Select "VIDEO SETTINGS" and press "OK".

5.       Select "TV COLOUR OUTPUT" and press "OK".

6.       Select "RGB" and press "OK" on your remote control to confirm your selection.


You’re all set. Rest assured that no one in your home will grow up thinking the Caribbean is purple.

How can I Skip By Day on the TV Guide?

Feel like peering into the future? The Skip By Day feature allows you to skip forward or backwards by day on your TV guide within the 10 next days of programming.


This feature is handily presented in your TV Guide. To get there, just:


1.       Press the GUIDE button on your Horizon Remote control (or select TV GUIDE in the Main Menu)

2.       You will see a fast forward logo just beside today's date, on the top left hand side of your TV screen.


Current Day:


When your TV Guide is displaying the current day programmes, click the Fast Forward key on your Remote Control to jump to the same time of day in the TV Guide for the next day's information.


Next Day:


When your TV Guide is displaying a day in the future, the Fast Forward of Fast Rewind keys display so users can Skip forward or backwards through the guide


Last Day:


In the last day of the guide, only the skip backwards option displays

How can I ensure my Broadband and Phone are always on?

To comply with EU regulatory guidelines, the standby power usage setting of your Virgin TV box has been set to Eco Mode by default. As a result, your Broadband and Home Phone services WILL NOT WORK when the box goes into standby. We recommend you change this setting in order to be able to use your Broadband, WiFi and Home Phone services even when the box is in standby.


To change this setting press “MENU” and go to “SETTINGS” > “PREFERENCES” > “STANDBY POWER USAGE” > and select “HIGH”.

Which HD channels are available with Virgin TV?

Virgin Mix TV provides you with 18 HD channels:

Virgin Full House TV customers recieve the above 18 HD channels plus extra 8 HD channels (total of 26 channels) :