Troubleshoot an intermittent internet connection

Check for technical problems

There are two different causes of intermittent connection. To find you the right support we need to know which one is affecting you.

Which of these best describes the problem?

Range problem

Connection drops when I move from one room to another.


Interference problem

Connection drops when I’m in one place, for example during video meeting


Fixing an interference problem

Let's check what could be causing it

If your connection drops but you’re not moving around it could be a problem with your modem but it could also be as simple as an item in your home causing an interruption, for example baby monitors  or other devices that broadcast WiFi are amongst the common culprits.

Don't tuck your Hub away

Tucking your Hub behind a TV, in a TV cabinet or in a closed shelving unit can block your wireless signal. It’s best to position your Hub out in the open to avoid any unnecessary signal blocks.

Switch channel with a reboot

WiFi modems remain static on a single channel setting which often become congested. If another gadget nearby is also using one of the same channels (for example, your neighbour’s router), the two devices could  be duelling for air-time. You can solve this by turning your Hub off and on again - otherwise known as a 'reboot'.When you reboot, the Hub's channel switching mode instantly kicks in. It will automatically pick up the best channel to operate on. How to do a reboot.

Reduce obstacles to get a clearer signal

Your wireless signal is best when you’re in line-of-sight of your Hub. Walls or fish tanks reduce the WiFi strength and distance, while wireless speakers and baby monitors can cause interference.If you have another Virgin Media connection point in your home in a more central place, considering installing your hub there instead to get a better service

If you already completely all these steps and are still seeing an issue then we recommend either contacting us to have your hub checked or alternatively getting a Smart WiFi Pod which comes with a WiFi guarantee.

Use the Connect app to check the connection quaility for all your devices

Click on the link below to learn more about our Connect App


Fixing a range problem

Let our Connect app do the work

If your connection drops while moving around it is likely that you are losing connection because you are too far from your modem, or you are in a “black spot” area where the signal can’t reach. 

First, find out if you have black spots

You can use the Connect app to scan around your home and find black spots, this can help you avoid them or find ways to deal with them.

Use the Connect app to identify black spots in your home

Use the Connect app to identify black spots in your home


Improving WiFi coverage

There are steps you can take to deal with blackspots in your home and improve WiFi coverage . Learn more about them, and how to deal with them in our guide to improving your WiFI.

This guide may include steps that we’ve taken you through already, so go ahead and skip those ones.