Keeping your mobile number

A step by step guide to keep your existing mobile number when you switch over to us


What you should know before you port your number

Ports can take up to two hours to complete unless you have a bill pay account with multiple SIM cards.
For those accounts, porting can take eight working hours.

Once the number is moved to Virgin Mobile, your old service will be automatically cancelled.
Make sure you have your Virgin Mobile SIM with you to reduce any service disruption, because as soon as your number has ported to Virgin Mobile, you will need to insert your new Virgin Mobile SIM card into your phone.

Any voicemails you may have had with your old provider will be lost.

If you were a pay as you go customer with your old provider, any credit you did have will be lost after you port to us.

Checklist before you begin:

  • If you are using your own phone, please make sure that your phone is unlocked, otherwise your Virgin Mobile SIM won't work and you could be out of service while you get it unlocked. You can check this by putting your Virgin SIM in the phone to see if it works.
  • Be sure to save contacts from your existing SIM card to your phone. If your contacts are saved to your current SIM card and you remove it, you may lose all of your contacts.
  • We cannot port a number if the number has been cancelled, so do not cancel your mobile account with your old provider until your number has ported from them to us.

Preparing for the move

We'll need to know a few things before you submit your request to port to us:


  • Your existing mobile network.
  • Your Virgin Mobile number - it's on the letter you received with your SIM pack.
  • Your account number - if you are a bill pay customer you'll find your account number for the number you want to move to on your bill. Or, if you are a prepay customer we'll need to know if you ever registered your account with your current mobile provider.

Requesting to port your number

You can request to port your number any time after you receive your SIM card from us or you can call us on 1908 from the number you wish to move.


Porting hours are 8am to 6pm Mon-Friday and between 10am to 4pm on Saturday and Sunday.


If you request to transfer your number outside of these hours, you can still submit your request but the port won't start until the next morning. You will not lose service with your existing provider during this time.


Submit a request to port your number to us

Now that you have all of your details ready, you can now begin to fill out the porting form.


Important: Please keep your old SIM card in your phone before you fill out the form. We will send a text to the number you are moving to Virgin Mobile with a four digit code to complete the porting process.