Test your WiFi speed

Wondering how fast your WiFi is? Here's how to test your speed...


Step 1

While you're connected to your home wireless network, open a new browser.

Step 2

Go to our speed test

(Pease note - your device will need to have Adobe Flash player installed to run the test.)

Our Speed Test page

Step 3

Click: Speedtest time

Step 4

A new window will open.
Click: Begin test

Step 5

Once the test finishes, you'll be shown some stats on your upload speed, download speed and latency.

  • Download speed: How fast your connection downloads from the web
  • Upload: How fast your connection uploads content back to the web
  • Latency: How quickly your connection responded to the test

Really important: Testing over WiFi isn't always accurate as it introduces variables outside of your control. To get the most accurate speedtest result possible, connect your testing computer to your hub with an ethernet cable.