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Good news! Your delivery should arrive 24-48 hours after ordering. It’ll be delivered by Nightline, our courier pals. They’ll text and email you with a delivery date and give you a tracking reference number. So you’ll be good to go in no time. They’ll also give you a 2 hour delivery slot, so you’ll know when they’re coming. Home delivery not an option? No worries. Divert your order to Parcel Motel if it suits you better.*

*All orders except mobile and SIMs

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How to track my order?

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Make the most of your Virgin Media Experience

Don’t want to be tied to a time and date? Use Parcel Motel for your delivery.
Plans changed? You can change your delivery time & date to suit you.
Won’t be home? You can collect your package direct from the Nightline depot.
Changing date & time is no problem! But it will delay delivery by 24 hours.