Technician Installation

Installation really couldn’t be easier, because we do it for you. Here’s what happens when one of our trusty technicians pays you a visit:

What to expect?

Receive Notification

1. We’ll text or email with the date and time of your appointment. We always give you a two hour window, so you don't need to hang around all day. Can't be there for any reason? No problem, just contact us so we can arrange a new time. 

Good to know

Make the most of your Virgin Media Experience

Sometimes we’ll have to drill a small hole (about 10mm) through a wall to connect you to our network Check that this is OK with the home owner

Think where you'd like your kit to be installed to get great wireless coverage avoid putting your Virgin Media Hub near dense objects like stone, metal & concrete (even fish tanks can weaken your signal).
Make sure your phone, Tv and computer are working. Your technician will need to show you that all your newly installed Virgin Media services are up and running.

We’ll need someone to open the door to our technician on your installation day, if you can’t make it, someone aged 18 or over needs to be there