Understanding the Home Phone usage section of your bill

The Your Usage Last Month In Detail section of your bill will go into details about the calls you have made from your phone service for your billing period. It will show you the date, time and duration of the call, if it is included in your package and the total amount charged for the call if it is not part of your FREE minutes.

Below is a detailed breakdown of what is included in this section of your bill:

As you can see from this example at the top of each page you can see your account number, bill number and bill date.

The phone number for the calls made is highlighted at the top of the page, so if you have two numbers these will be clearly outlined under different headings to give you a clear understanding.

The detailed usage of your home phone is broken into the type of calls made i.e. Local, National or International; you will see a heading to advise which category the calls listed fall into

The Home Phone Usage section outlines the date and time of the call.

Number lists the numbers you have dialled.

Destination outlines the destination of the call (i.e what county or country the call was dialled in).


Rate highlights if the call is made at a Peak, Off-peak or Weekend call charge prices & Hr:Min:Sec shows the duration of your call in hours, minutes and seconds.

Discounts outlines calls that use your FREE minutes, you will see FREE in this column of your bill. If you have no discounts on a call this section will be blank.

Amount shows the total charged amount for each calls, this will display as 00.00 if the call is part of your free minutes. This amount includes VAT.

How are my home phone minutes added up?

If you are signed up to one of our Telephone minute packs, you will see the details of calls itemised in the "Your Usage Last month in Detail" section of your bill.

The duration of all per minute call types will be rounded up to the next whole minute, Whilst you won't see the rounding duration in your usage or summary, this is incorporated into the "Total Usage last month" amount.

For example if you make 10 calls @ 30 seconds each, this will be counted as 10 minutes as each call will be rounded up to 1 minute each.


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