I did not receive my Data Settings SMS, what do I do?

When you put a Virgin Mobile SIM into a phone for the first time, we immediately send an SMS with the new data settings to get your SIM card going. Depending on the phone or operating system, this SMS text may be tucked away in a sub-folder of your inbox. To find this text, and get full internet access, just follow these simple steps:


1.     Open your mobile phone SMS inbox

2.     Click on the "more" or 'three dot' icon at the top right hand corner of your mobile phone screen.

data settings

3.     Open the newest message with the title "Configuration messages"

data settings more icon


4.     Click the "Install" option at the bottom of the message

data settings

Your mobile phone is now ready to use the internet/data usage.  If you're still having issues connecting to the internet, you may need to set up the data on your phone manually.