My Virgin Mobile phone is not working and I bought it less than 28 days ago, what do I do?

Getting a new mobile is always exciting, so we’re sorry to hear that something went wrong. If you purchased a Samsung, Sony or Microsoft phone from us and your phone has a fault within 28 days of you receiving it, you can return it and we’ll be glad to replace the model you purchased (Unfortunately, we can’t swap your Virgin Mobile phone for a different model).

Just give the Virgin Mobile Care Team a call on 1908, and they will get your details, talk through the fault and arrange for collection of the phone.

Once we confirm there is no damage to the phone, we will arrange a replacement and get it out to you as fast as we can.

If you have purchased an Apple phone from us, and it is faulty, you can call our Mobile Care team on 1908, and we will organise for it to go out for repair.

Once all the required details have been logged, we will send a courier out to you to collect your phone the following day. We should have it back to you working within 5 working days, providing there are no parts issues, which may increase this time.

You can also return the iPhone directly to Apple. Visit the Apple website for more information on their return policy.