What is Wi-Free?

At Virgin Media, we’re in the business of connecting people, so we love Wi-Free. It’s our way of letting Virgin Media customers access WiFi signals around the country.

How’s it work? Easy. Your Virgin Media modem offers two WiFi signals: A private one you and your family use, and a separate one set aside for friends and visitors to access when they want to connect in your home – as long as they’re subscribed to Virgin Media Broadband. Likewise, you’re able to connect to any of the 300,000 Virgin Media modems around the country, yourself.  

This is offered at no extra cost to our Broadband customers, keeps your private password safe, and keeps you connected to the world around you.

Only Virgin Media Broadband customers can connect to the Wi-Free network. If you haven’t joined the network yet, just follow these simple steps:

1.      Log into My Virgin Media.

2.      Visit the Horizon Wi-Free area in My Products, then go to Broadband section.

3.      There you’ll be asked to set a password unique to Wi-Free.

4.      The first time you connect a device to the Wi-Free network, you’ll be prompted to enter your My Virgin Media username and the password you just created.

After that, your device will automatically connect to a Wi-Free signal whenever one’s in reach. Pretty clever, no?